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Cow Racing BETA
Author: Spike! Submitted: 9th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 345

Edited By Spike! on 4/9/2008

Edited By Spike! on 4/9/2008

Welcome to Cow-Racing! For those of you that have not seen this app yet, Cow Racing is a fully online racing game that is played in an overhead perspective.

A few of the games current features -
- Hosted on a dedicated server in europe
- 2 - 8 players possible per race
- A fully working ladder system
- Ability to host / join games (the games are hosted on the server)

For those of you who played the earlier version of Cow-Racing the game has come a long way, and lot's of bugs have been fixed and features added, so give it another go.

The website is and I ask if you are going to be partcipating in this BETA test that you sign up to the forums and can post any feedback / suggestions etc. Also feel free to post comments here of course .

Have fun

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Posted by SoldjahBoy 9th April, 2008
Rated :

HAHA wow looks great! Can't wait to get home so I can try this out

4 stars (even though I haven't tried it) based on graphics and the fact that it's online!
Posted by Cecilectomy 9th April, 2008

does it take long for the registration email to send? i haven't gotten mine yet.
Posted by Spike! 9th April, 2008

On a general note if you don't recieve your activation e-mail please check your junk mail Image

Infact - any account problems please post here or on the cow-racing forums and I will try and sort them out.

Cecil I have activated you account for you, you may now log-in.

RickyGarces account name has had a "blocked" e-mail confirmation on the mail server. I will activate the account associated with this e-mail as im not sure why this is.
Comment edited by Spike! on 4/9/2008
Comment edited by Spike! on 4/9/2008
Posted by Ricky 9th April, 2008

Thank You. I couldn't get in, but now i can.
Comment edited by Ricky Garces on 4/9/2008
Posted by Peblo 9th April, 2008

No one's on to race.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th April, 2008

Wow, I was about to polish off a snail racing game I've been working on and you release this, which looks like it shits all over it. Online capability? A racing track that isn't just a straight line? Oh man, I hope you die. Seriously though, nice job.
Posted by Vertigo 10th April, 2008
Rated :

I have downloaded it so that I can play it against friends at school looks goot so far but the graphics are from the library cant you give the engine to me? Ill make really cool graphics and of course I will credit you... Please? I mean it
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2008

Vertigo - I don't think he's just going to give you the engine But he might be willing to accept graphics from you.

There was nobody on to race, but when I tried to host a game my computer basically just froze. I'll try again later.
Posted by Torava 10th April, 2008
Rated :

Eh, library graphics?
Posted by Spike! 10th April, 2008

Hardly any of those graphics are library graphics? Those that are suit the game very well.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 10th April, 2008

No confirmation email (and I checked the bulk folder)...hmmm.
Posted by Tropik 10th April, 2008

I do! No confirmation email... :/ You have to destroy this "confirmation system"...
Posted by Tropik 10th April, 2008

Ok... I'll playing when list of users was emplty...
Posted by Spike! 10th April, 2008

The confirmation e-mails can't seem to get through "worldnet" stuff.

I have no idea why it is blocked. If you have an account issue please post it on the forums. Thanks.
Posted by Cecilectomy 10th April, 2008

i was checking my junk mail. no go.
i finally got one. i go to the link. it says the activation key has already been used.
Posted by Hill Gigas 10th April, 2008

Just do away with the whole activation/registration system. For a game like this it's not really useful anyway, it takes up time and causes half the people to not even bother.
Posted by Spike! 10th April, 2008

I quote from the above comment

"Cecil I have activated you account for you, you may now log-in."

This is why it said it had been used .

One good thing about an activation e-mail is it stops people trying to make masses of fake / spam accounts.
Posted by Hill Gigas 10th April, 2008

That's true for when a game gets a large userbase, but until then you should consider implementing a "quick race" feature, letting players just type in a name and race a few races without going through an email registration. I only say that because having an activation/registration system will cause 2/3 of your potential players to just not mess with it, meaning that the few people who finally get online won't see many (if any) other people to race with, then they will leave as well. You'll end up with an empty user list, and for a game like this- that's death.
Posted by Spike! 10th April, 2008

It's a true point, may look into doing something like this.
Posted by Aliashoj 10th April, 2008

I still haven't had an activation code. This is stupid.
Posted by Spike! 10th April, 2008

Whats your account name? I can't help unless I know what name you signed up with. Also if your willing what e-mail address your used, though isn't required.

If there is no error in the mail server then you should recieve the mail. I am suprised so many of you here are having problems, apart from people here I have had hardly any issues.

Posted by Cecilectomy 10th April, 2008

i love this game now that you activated my account lol!

only a few problems. i dont like how the collisions are based on the cows shadow and not the cow. the shadows harder to see and sometimes i forget its there. also the slow down when you hit a wall is huge. a bounce would be better suited. also, 8 dir movement? i got over it and used to it but 360 would be awesome. other than that im getting quite good

and id love some fullscreenededness
Comment edited by cecil on 4/10/2008
Posted by Vertigo 10th April, 2008
Rated :

Uhm im sorry I kind of yelled at you in the game, I just think graphics (custom) are equally important as this cool engine. Anyway the game is a good base, I hope weapons and outfits are added (outfits for a better made character )

Good luck
Posted by s-m-r 12th April, 2008

My account hasn't been activated just yet.

username is "smr"
e-mail address is s t e v e at h a m i l t o n a r t s dot o r g

Remove the spaces, replace the "at" and "dot" with the proper symbols to have the correct e-mail address.

THANKS! Looking forward to playing.
Posted by Hill Gigas 12th April, 2008

s-m-r, I think you may be a bit p a r a n 3 5 o 8 i 2 d.

Remove the spaces and the numbers.
Posted by Codemonkey 15th April, 2008

Posted by bigredron 18th April, 2008

i prefer pigs tbh
Posted by Spike! 21st April, 2008

Pigs along with many other avatars are available in the next version They are already coded and working.
Posted by Vertigo 5th May, 2008
Rated :

Then post it already!!! are the characters edits of the cow?




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