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Super Blob Frog
Author: Sheexy Submitted: 19th May, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 164
141st Place     (4 / 5)

Edited By Sheexy on 7/7/2008

Edited By Sheexy on 5/20/2008

UPDATED FILE If you downloaded before download it again. The frog's movement speed has been changed to be faster.

tl;dr: You're a frog, you eat bugs. WASD to move, Right click to eat, Left click to jump. Light Green bugs bad. Also it is for the 20 event compo, I used 12 events.

Super Blob Frog - Action Arcade Adventure RPG
The goal of the game is to survive for as long as you can while making as many points as you can.

WASD - Move your frog around.
Right Click - Stick your tongue out in the direction of the mouse. Move the mouse closer to the frog to change how long your tongue sticks out.
Left Click - Make your frog jump. You can jump to get unstuck from obstacles or to avoid bad bugs.

Eating bugs will refill your health meter and give you a tiny amount of points, jumping on bugs will give you a large amount of points.

Leveling Up
After you eat enough bugs (18+4 times your level) you will move to the level up screen. On this screen you get to pick what stat you increase. Increasing stats will change the name of your frog among other things. Regardless of what stat you raise you will always get a little more health when you level up.

Jump - Increasing your jump skill makes you jump higher and land harder; you will crush a slightly larger area.
Tongue - Increasing your tongue skill makes your tongue longer. It also gives you slightly more health when you eat bugs, and makes bad bugs do slightly less damage when you eat them. Every two tongue levels you have equals one extra point each time you eat a bug.
Health - You get a bonus of around 10% of the starting health value. This lets you last longer without food and take more hits from other bugs. As your Health increases so does your frog's size (purely cosmetic).
Speed - You move faster. In addition to the small boost in speed you will also take less damage when you bump into bugs. As your speed increases so does your color.

There are seven different kinds of bugs for you to interact with. Each level (up to level 15) three new bugs will appear. Regardless of what they look like the colors always do the same thing.

Red - These bugs give lots of health when you eat them. They give a little more points for eating than other bugs, and decent points for jumping on.
Blue - These bugs give a good amount of points for jumping on them. Everything else is mediocre.
Light Green - These bugs are bad. Interacting with them in any way will hurt a lot.
Brown - These bugs are boring. They give mediocre points and health.
Yellow - These bugs are worth a good amount of points for eating and an even better amount for jumping on.
Dark Green - These bugs are poisonous. Jump on them instead of trying to eat them.
Orange - These bugs are dangerous to touch, you should eat them instead.

In addition to the bug types there are also three bug sizes.

Small - You can eat or jump on these at any level.
Medium - You must have a jumping skill of at least 4 to jump on them, and a tongue skill of at least 4 to eat them. Dark green bugs can be eaten at skill 3, be careful. These bugs give good amounts of health and points, but also do a good amount of damage.
Large - You must have a jumping skill of at least 8 to jump on them, and a tongue skill of at least 8 to eat them. Dark green bugs can be eaten at skill 6, be careful. These bugs give massive amounts of health and points, but also do massive damage.

Light Green bugs can be eaten no matter what size they are and no matter what your skill level is. They can never be jumped on.
At level 15 a special black bug will start appearing, it does insane amounts of damage. It is just like a light green bug. After level 15 they become more and more common.

The Level
Each time you start or level up you will be spawned to a random spot on the map. Sometimes it will be kind of foggy, sometimes it will be clear. There are a few environmental features to be aware of.

Save-Your-Life Shrooms - These will always be found in the same spots, they will heal a large amount, but it lessens as you level up.
Bug Hives - Bugs spawn from these. Be careful around them because if your tongue touches it you will eat it and take a lot of damage.
Ferns, figworts and grass - These plants are just for looks, they will fade as you get closer to them.
Rocks, mushrooms, horsetails and dandelions - The bases of these are obstacles, these objects will not fade when you draw closer to them. If you get stuck on them you can jump away.

There is a local highscore table that can be viewed when you get killed.
There is also an online highscore table that you can go to after you lose or from the main menu. On that table you will see the top 15 scorers along with the stats they picked while playing.

Other junk
This is my entry for the 20 Event Competition.

Main screen- 6 events
Game screen- 12 events
Level up/Game over screen- 6 events
Online highscore screen- 12 events

All of the sprites were made by me for it,they use the palette made by Arne here: and the music is the weird stuff that comes with MMF2. The sound effects are either made by me or from the MMF2.

This is like the second game I've ever finished even though I've been using Clickteam stuff since like, 2000 (first game made in TGF is lost to the ages though). The only reason I finished it was because I figured it wouldn't be that hard to finish a game that can only have up to 20 events. It was pretty hard though .
When I first started the frog had 12 events to itself, but by some miracle I managed to fit the entire game screen into that same amount through a bunch of messing with code.

Anyways, let me know what you think of the game!
I haven't submitted it to the contest yet because I want to see what people think, I might make a few tweaks to the game before it is due.

EDIT: Changed download link.

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 (2.07 mkb )

Posted by Pixelthief 19th May, 2008
Rated :

Try hosting your images on imageshack:
Your current image hoster doesn't allow hotlinks, so it doesn't display them. Oh and pretty impressive for 12 events
Posted by Sheexy 19th May, 2008

Whoops, I see the images so I dunno what is wrong x_x

Gonna mess with .htaccess stuff, hopefully they'll show after this.

EDIT: Images fixed.
Comment edited by Sheexy on 5/19/2008
Posted by Muz 20th May, 2008
Rated :

Oooh, nice game . Extra star for the limited events and an online high score table.
Posted by erghhhhx 20th May, 2008
Rated :

Very nice graphics and a funny concept. Though I'm sure this could have been better with more events...
Posted by Ski 20th May, 2008

Nice graphics, but there's so many of them packed into the screenshots it looks a little confusing to me.
Posted by Sheexy 20th May, 2008

Thanks for the comment on the frog's speed JonWoG.
I reuploaded the game and now the frog is faster.

Thanks for the comments on the graphics y'all.

Toxic Avenger- It's for the 20 event compo I want extra points
Posted by Aaron Tomko 20th May, 2008

Major kudos on the artwork...Very unique and stylish. Downloading now.
Posted by Neuro 20th May, 2008
Rated :

Good job! I'm not very good at it, though

The only bug I avoided at first was the one with the spikey back, the rest looked harmless... well, until they killed me. It took me a while to realise it wasn't my health running out, but they were damaging me. Give that poison green one red eyes or something! And possibly a bad-looking effect when you're damage by a bug. That's if it's possible without adding any events, otherwise it's a fine game and a very competent entry
Posted by Spike! 21st May, 2008

"There is also an online highscore table that you can go to after you lose or from the main menu. On that table you will see the top 15 scorers along with the stats they picked while playing. "

This legal for that competition?
Posted by Simon Czentnár 21st May, 2008
Rated :

Yes, it is, I think.

This game looks very nice!
Posted by KnifeFight 22nd May, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Windybeard Games 22nd May, 2008

looks awasome!
Posted by Introversity 28th May, 2008
Rated :

Loved it, 5 stars.

Woot, I tripled the high score on my 4th try, and I didn't even make it to level 15.

Here, have a review.





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