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Author: Aleks Submitted: 3rd July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 61

This game is pleasant in playing. The game is on one player, short but not as much as so very.

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Posted by Toadsanime 5th July, 2008

I'm afraid this doesn't exactly look so grand. This may need a lot of work done to it to increase its standard. However, practice makes perfect, so keep going at it. ^_-
Posted by CraigT 5th July, 2008

From what I played I found it pretty hard, the laser type things flash too quickly meaning even when I think my timing is good I end up losing energy and some spikes are badly placed and unavoidable.
Slowing them down and placing things better and well, adding some platforms (it is a platformer after all! ) would make this a better experience.
As Toadsanime says, practice makes perfect, just listen to advice and keep trying.
Oh, and there really is no need for a loading screen!
Posted by Zezard 5th July, 2008
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Since I find it really hard to appriciate this type of game (simple platformers which are made to be hard), I couldn't play it for very long...

Only thing I can think of to suggest is that you make it much easier, so that it will take some levels before the player is in any risk of dying.

As the creator, it's difficult to determine how hard your game really is. But if you yourself even find it slightly hard, then I suggest that you make it easier. The best way is of course to let others play it, and see to that they don't think it's too difficult...

This game could probably have benefitted from some more graphics. If you don't like to make it yourself, you can always rip and edit from Internet with Photo Shop or likewise. Even MS Paint will do if you have nothing better

I liked the way the apple stuck to the hedgehog when it was picked up, it looked good.

I look forward to seeing more games from you, it will be interesting to look at you progress as you learn to use your tools.

One star for the apple picking and one for the variation of traps.
Posted by Hempuli 5th July, 2008

Also, I guess that you could ask someone who knows english a bit more to write the description. I know by experience that it's annoying to do, but after all, it's better to have a good description instead of a bad one
Posted by -Dark Martin- 5th July, 2008
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O_O... um... this is your first game, but it could do with some more flair.
Posted by Ski 5th July, 2008
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This game reminded me a lot of Tutti Fruiti, actually.
Posted by -Liam- 5th July, 2008

Awesome! "Tutti Fruiti"? Yeah I remember that from recently, reminds me of it too.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 6th July, 2008
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Oh very funny.>_>
Posted by Ski 6th July, 2008
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Why is that funny? I was making an observation :/
Posted by -Dark Martin- 6th July, 2008
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You rated it 5 stars adam, and you rate my game 0 stars for the heck of it.>_>
Posted by Ski 6th July, 2008
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Ya, this game doesn't have a ball as a main character.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 6th July, 2008
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It doesn't matter what type the character is adam, all that matters is that the game is if fun.
Posted by Ski 6th July, 2008
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Sorry, a ball that got stuck in the platforms, lol.
Posted by CraigT 6th July, 2008

Marvel Forever, google and download 'winrar'
Posted by -Nick- 6th July, 2008

I think it is kind of poor that a member is having a go at another member just because he can't take the fact that the member enjoyed this game more than his.
Posted by Toadsanime 9th July, 2008

@Major Forever - Now you're just provoking flaming... >_>
Look, guys, it's just a rating anyway. Don't get fussed over several people's low opinions of your games. When you sbmit a game here, you kind of have to expect harsh criticism and build on that for your next project.

Can't you just feel the love already...? _

Posted by -Dark Martin- 9th July, 2008
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Toadsamine has a point, but adam only rated it 5 stars just to piss me off.
Posted by KCEP 17th June, 2011
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funny game





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