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Pokemon Global
Author: EonDev Submitted: 5th July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 370

Edited By Sienide on 7/20/2008


Pokemon Global is a free, open-sourced MMORPG programmed by Pivot, Sienide, ZombieBear and Ryan. There is also an entire staff team helping out, along with various members of the community.

Upon registering, Players meet Professor Oak, who introduces them into the world of Pokemon. Players then select their starter Pokemon from a selection of 12 Pokemon (starters from each generation). After they select their Pokemon and their username, the embark on a journey to the Johto region (Gold & Silver versions) to become the next Pokemon Master!

Current Version (Beta 0.2) features:
- Auto-updating
- Starter Pokemon Selection
- Wild Pokemon
- Catching / Boxes
- Chat
- Pokemon Party Switching & Pokemon Data
- Healing
- Item purchasing
- Chat
- Johto Region (up to Violet City)
- Player vs. Player Battles (can bet wagers too)
- Player vs. NPC Battles
- Private Chat
- Gym Leader Battles
- More maps
- Improved Moderation System
- Trading (possibly -> currently buggy, may be delayed)
- Team (Guild) Creation/Joining

The next version which is set to be released in August will feature:
- Quests
- Scripting
- Kanto region
+ more (currently under discussion)

Official Website:

Minimum Requirements:
- Java 1.5 or above
- Internet Connection
- Graphics Card capable of OpenGL rendering (may require graphics card update)


NOTE: This game was originally coded in MMF2 (originally called Pokemon Online Revolution) and then recoded in Java using Swing and then recoded again in Java using Slick & Apache. This game uses ShoddyBattle as its battle engine.

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Posted by Codemonkey 6th July, 2008
Rated :

This looks fun!
Posted by Codemonkey 6th July, 2008
Rated :

I am pleasantly suprised. Not only did I get registered simply and easily, but I can login as well! lol, this is good work man! Chat works too!
Posted by -Liam- 6th July, 2008

Took me ages to figure out how to register. It was no fault of your own, mind. (I wont go into details LOL)

Anyway, it's good to see an online pokemon game that WORKS! I must say though, the text took a long time to scroll even when pressing down the space bar, I assume this is down to lag. I couldn't really play it for very long as I just... lost interest, but you have something here, that if is improved upon, shall be very, very cool.
Posted by Ricky 7th July, 2008

I lost all hope in a properly working, online pokemon game until i tried this. Keep it up
Posted by MBK 7th July, 2008

Pokemon games bore me to tears. 15 billion cute monster thinga-mcwhositwhatzuls, and they all have the same exact moves, but with a different name and animation pasted to it. And there's no skill involved, just a turn-based system with the same 2 moves for all creatures. Boooooorrrrrriiiiiiingggg !!

But, yea ... Online play against other real people might actually give Pokemon nuts a reason to "Gotta catch 'em all !" ... I tell ya, they really know how to market this crap though. I wonder if the same people responsible for Power Rangers are the ones that made Pokemon.

Posted by Zezard 7th July, 2008

MBK, it is easy to hear that you are not a pokepro

I'm kind of impressed, though I couldn't open any menu or enter any pokecenter or mart, so there wasn't much to do. The interface should be changed so that the player can also use the keyboard and so that it looks less java-ish and more pokemonish.
The battles were a bit odd too. I agree that you should make them shorter then the original, nobody really wants to read all "oh noes" and "is poisoned, critical hit, bla bla", but with your current system some actions are be performed after one pokemon had fainted and likewise, which felt a little strange...

Well, I'm sure you have many plans to realize in this project, so it's hard to come with suggestions at this rate... Oh, and there was the "8-direction" bug, where you can float into obstacles if you press left+down, or likewise next to one.

Good luck.
Posted by Toadsanime 7th July, 2008

*falls to knees, close to tears*
Definitely a concept I've been waiting years to find, so that deserves an immediate applause. Hopefully you'll fill the empty space that previous, official Poke'mon games couldn't. I'm really looking forward to the finished version of this.
I won't rate it yet, however, as I haven't actually signed up yet. I'll do it now.
Posted by EonDev 7th July, 2008

Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you guys like it Image There's a whole team of us working on it. We've fixed a lot of those bugs and issues in the next update.

Atm, we're working on going into buildings for Beta 0.25. The next release Beta 0.2 will have a lot of new features (read above description) Image

Hopefully 0.2 will be released next week Image.gif" border=0 alt="">
Comment edited by EonDev on 7/7/2008
Posted by Ski 7th July, 2008

Have Nintendo not asked you to stop yet?
Posted by MBK 7th July, 2008

I'm gonna ask Nintendo to stop. Stop making the same game over and over again and slapping a different color on the title ! ... lol

There's more to collect ... but guess what .. they're still all the same.

I don't understand how everyone likes something so devoid of strategy, action, suspense, or challenge.

The only thing it does have going for it is a storyline, and it's nothing special by any means.

Maybe you could add some much needed strategic elements to the Poke series. Or change the battles to fierce real-time fights ... you know, give it a Mortal Kombat-esque style, kind of like Duel Toys ... now that was a kewl game, but they just didn't go into enough detail ... a mix of the Huge Pokemon maps and the sweet Duel Toy battles would be nice to see.

Don't just throw online capabilities on the same boringness and call it Pokemon Rainbow color or some crap like that. You'd be wasting your talents by beating that dead horse.

Posted by Rob Rule 8th July, 2008

I'm not convinced making Pokemon a beat 'em up is the answer. There's a huge amount of strategy in the titles. The exploration is the key to their charm.
Posted by Toadsanime 8th July, 2008

@MBK - Plenty of people love the Poke'mon concept. I, for one, am thrilled at the sound of an MMORPG version. The concept for this does not need changing. Whilst it is true that the official games are getting a little tedious these days, I still enjoy them and this online idea is what could save the series.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 8th July, 2008

They should do the same for Poke'mon games for the wii, make them MMO Poke'mon games. Still keep the single player though. So you can train your Poke'mon offline, and go online and battle them with other people, that would actually be pretty kool, I havent owned a Poke'mon game since the ones for Gameboy Color, but I would buy them again if they did stuff like this
Posted by Codemonkey 8th July, 2008
Rated :

This is too easy too spam.
Posted by Toadsanime 9th July, 2008

@MacAdaM - *thinks about your idea gleefully* I love you. Let's get married.
@Hippy Codemonkey- Uh... the game or this thread...?
Posted by Codemonkey 9th July, 2008
Rated :

The chat, lol. Maybe add a macro sensing thing to it, so if something keeps getting repeated, it gives the player a warning, then kicks him off if it continues.
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th July, 2008
Rated :

"I don't understand how everyone likes something so devoid of strategy, action, suspense, or challenge."

How can MBK say this when it's clear he/she hasn't played the games? Hmm.
Posted by Zezard 9th July, 2008

I do however agree with MBK in that they have been making pokemon games faster than they have come up with good ideas. In my opinion the pokecharm was at its top with gold and silver, even though the later dual pokemon battles was an interesting feature as well.

If I'm going to play this game, it will need more than ripped graphics and a rough combination of java and gameboy interfaces. I craves animations galore and new pokefeatures!
Posted by EonDev 9th July, 2008

Give it time
It's only Beta 0.15. We hope to add quests, live events, team(guild) creation/joining and much more.

The GUI is slowly being built up, our graphics artist is designing a window theme and a new battle window. We're also working on a login screen image rather than a fading gradient.

Any suggestions are more than welcome
Posted by Peblo 14th July, 2008

Game closes immediately when I try to log in.
Posted by EonDev 14th July, 2008

Make sure you have the latest version of Java and latest graphics drivers. Most people get that problem coz their java is outdated or the graphics card hasn't been updated to support OpenGL.
Posted by 22nd August, 2008

Hey guys im new hear but i know the daily click from more than a year..

And i really wanna play this game but when i want to download it only completes less than 25%
and then it says:
Error connecting to the server. The server may bo offline. Contact an administrator for assistance.

Thank you.
Posted by Jeffrey Beyer 5th October, 2008

Posted by UnknownAlly 10th January, 2009
Rated :

Chat feature is awesome. A lot of pokemon to catch also. I quit it because one thing was just so annoying. I would get attacked every step in the grass.
Posted by dndfreak 21st January, 2009

Umm you guys, just some general pokemon info:
It is made by gamefreak, not nintendo

One of the creative leads was a ten year old when it first started.

the ds ports had online multiplayer

the game has over 400 moves. Yes, strategy is now involved

Some were compliments, some were insults. All are fact.




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