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Immunity Xwrap (Demo)
Author: Melli Georgiou Submitted: 15th July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 113

Edited By Melli Georgiou on 8/18/2008

About Xwrap

Xwrap is the tool all mmf / Java developers have been waiting for!

Xwrap embeds a Java Web Applet (.jar) into a REAL native Mac OS X Application! Complete with application wide icons, mac-style help centre, dock icon. You can even define the window size of the application and toggle Full-Screen mode!

Key Features

- Can build a mac App in seconds! It's super-easy to port your java web apps over to OS X!
- REAL 512x512 icon support that is global to your application (in the menus, dock, etc.)
- REAL Mac help centre based on HTML. Just build some HTML files and you're good to go!
- Define the size of your Application's Window.
- Toggle if you want your application to support Full-Screen Mode. This will put a black border around your app so only your Application is visible! Great for Games! (I don't think this is possible to do with java alone!)

!!!! AND NEW IN VERSION 1.5 !!!!

You can now wrap ANY web applet! Not just Java files! It works with FLASH, Director Shockwave, ANYTHING! The next update will allow you to wrap an AJAX (or just standard style) website into an application also!

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Posted by UrbanMonk 16th July, 2008

This looks good, too bad I can't test it
Posted by -Liam- 16th July, 2008

I'm on a Mac right now... XP at the moment though. What does this application do exactly? I'm confused
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th July, 2008

It turns a java applet into a mac executable
Posted by Cecilectomy 16th July, 2008

kudos to you but i don't really see a need for this. java applet's can run in a browser which means a mac user with internet access can already access it. now if it could make an mmf .exe into a mac executable that would be something.
Posted by LIJI 16th July, 2008
Rated :

.Jar files do not use all the features of Mac OS X and native Aqua controls. (Read the key features)
Posted by Melli Georgiou 22nd July, 2008

Hi guys!

Basically, mac users will immediately identify that a java applet is not a real application. It is unfriendly, uses ugly grey Windows-like menus, etc.

Xwrap makes your Java applet appear to be a REAL mac application! It will have native Mac menus, windows, icons and help viewer.

You can even add awesome full screen controls to your app so that your games will run at a specific size, and change resolution is also supported!

Have fun!




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