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Edited By Rikus on 7/19/2008

METAL MILITIA demo is a one-level experiment from 2002 made using MMF1. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy ship's core system, after which (if i'd carried on making the game) the player would destroy the mother-ship, escape to earth and then fight off the ground invasion.

The graphics are a little crude and the sound-effects average at best (i think they were mostly taken from the sample disk included with MMF). The player controls the hover-tank by firing the engines using the direction keys whilst directing the turret with the mouse and shooting the cannon with the left-mouse button. Although only one level long, the demo does offer some challenge and is a fairly fun little distraction.

This is an old game that (at the time atleast!) i am quite proud of. Leave comments by all means (i look forward to reading any!) but please remember i made this a long long time ago and my MMF skills were considerably less than they are now!


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Posted by Codemonkey 19th July, 2008
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Sounds fun...
Posted by Codemonkey 19th July, 2008
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This is darn near impossible!
Posted by Codemonkey 19th July, 2008
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But fun!
Posted by Toadsanime 19th July, 2008

@Codemonkey - Edit button...?

@Mark Radon - Looks good to me, despite me not much liking demos. However, I'll count this as pretty much as finished seeing as that it's not being added to. I'll give it a try.
Also, if your skills have improved, do you plan on making any new games with MMF...?
Posted by Codemonkey 20th July, 2008
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He is making an awesome multiplayer game called R.P.G in the projects section.





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