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Custom Platform Engine
Author: -MacAdaM- Submitted: 20th July, 2008 Favourites:2
Genre: Engine Downloads: 1569
17th Place     (4.75 / 5)

.:: Custom Platform Engine ::.
This is an engine that I have been working on over the past couple of days, and I think that It has turned out pretty well.

This engine includes:
Double Jumping
Wall Grabbing
Wall Jumping
Grabbing into Poles

Well that is about it
Tell me what you think about it, and If you end up using it in a game, please DC mail me, I would want to know.

Thanks again people!


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Posted by Codemonkey 20th July, 2008
Rated :

Great job, well organized, commented, and the graphics are great. (reminds me of coal, lol)
Posted by Jon C-B 20th July, 2008

Is it open source???
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

Posted by Codemonkey 20th July, 2008
Rated :

You stole coal graphics!
Posted by Jon C-B 20th July, 2008

Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

codemonkey, you know its the other way around
Comment edited by MacAdaM on 7/20/2008
Posted by Jon C-B 20th July, 2008

Really I think custom platform movements aren't as great as the custom platform movement extension ( because I don't like doing lots events and conditions )
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

@jon222 i have never used the extesion, i might have to check that out.
Thanks for trying it out though! i appreciate it!
Posted by Silveraura 20th July, 2008

The platform movement extension is fine, but games are generally more stable, less prone to unsolvable bugs, and faster, when you can get stuff done with an engine that you designed by hand.

I say custom platform movement ftw.
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th July, 2008
Rated :

This would be a cool game, very solid engine from what I saw
Posted by Zezard 20th July, 2008

It seemed to be good enough, however that is hard to say when there aren't other things in the game to really that might make it harder for the player to use the controls, such as enemies, traps and collectables.

I found it a bit strande that the little guy would first double jump and then wall jump while sliding down a wall. I think it would have been better if he either only wall jumped, or if the player had to press up for double jump and away from the wall for wall jump. I also felt that the double jump was lost a little to quickly when I walked off a platform, so that the sprite would perform the double jump where I expected a normal jump.

Graphics were pretty and engine was solid, do you plan to make anything from this yourself?
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

Well the engine is for a game, but i'm debating whether I should make new graphics and engine, or keep the old ones. I don't know yet.
This was also my first ever engine that has double jumping and wall sliding/jumping, I think they turned out really well, and I am proud.
Thanks for trying it out guys.
Posted by CraigT 20th July, 2008

Really good engine, look forward to any game you make that uses it!
Posted by Vertigo 20th July, 2008
Rated :

Really good and solid! but you can also hang on to the edge of the screen (on your left) Anyway, I suggest you put this engine to some good use! (I wanted to,but GF couldnt open the gam file...)
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

Hmm.. It might be because you don't have fastloops.
Or mabey I uploaded a protected .gam file. If you want I can try and re-upload the file, only as the .gam?
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th July, 2008
Rated :

I thought fastloops were built in? or are you talking about the extension? I didn't have a problem with opening it (MMF2) I might even use this, never made a platform game before
Posted by -MacAdaM- 20th July, 2008

This was made in TGF 1, and fastloops were only in MMF built in, So the extension.
Comment edited by MacAdaM on 7/20/2008
Posted by OMC 21st July, 2008
Rated :

Everyone you must know that the older graphics he had were better. I'm still trying to get him to switch.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 21st July, 2008

OMC calm down hahah.

Posted by Codemonkey 21st July, 2008
Rated :

yes the old graphics were much better!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 21st July, 2008

OKAY! I'll put the old graphics in!
Posted by Codemonkey 22nd July, 2008
Rated :

Posted by OMC 23rd July, 2008
Rated :

WOW. That's alotta downloads! Way to go, MacAdaM!
Posted by -MacAdaM- 8th August, 2008

OldManClayton I just noticed you rated 4/5 not saying thats bad, its good, but what can I do to get the extra star?
Posted by dndfreak 12th January, 2009
Rated :

darn! I run on MMF2. But I've played coal, so I can rate it anyways.
Posted by Jess Bowers 11th February, 2009
Rated :

This is extremely cool!
Posted by Marcus jps 14th February, 2010
Rated :

This engine is super! Thank you.
Posted by NUB 28th July, 2010

CNCS32.dll??? why not just include it in the zip? I cant be bothered to go get TGF





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