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Author: Graeme2408 Submitted: 30th July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 185

Edited By Graeme2408 on 4/14/2009

I made this game as a "coffee break" game - something to play when you've only got 10 minutes spare and you're sick of Solitare.

You are a Gunfighter. For reasons known only to yourself you decide to clean out the bandits of several towns in the Old West using nothing but your twin Colt 45 Peacemakers, before riding off into the sunset and making it home in time for tea.

Starting in the town of Deadwood, work your way through 6 towns killing a quota of bandits in each town. Speed and accuracy is everything. In order to kill the bandits, you must shoot them in the chest. The quicker you kill the bandits, the less chance they'll have of pinning you down with heavy fire.
Use barrels, chuckwagons and anything else you find to take cover when the action heats up.

You can dodge left and right, and aim both pistols in a variety of directions, firing them independently.

Number of bandits to kill is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note that this isn't actually the number of bandits remaining, only indicates that once the counter reaches Zero, no further bandits will appear - to move on you must kill all those that still remain - clean the town out.

As a gunfighter you're quite a tough character. You can take a couple of shots before you die, indicated by the number of tin stars remaining at the bottom right of the screen. All tin stars gone - you're dead.

After every second town you'll be challenged to a gun duel in the street.
Beat your opponent to the draw . . . be fast, be first!

The game contains modified rips from Sunset Riders - if you don't like that sort of thing, please move on to something else

Game Features:

. Six towns from the Old West to fight through.
. Duel stages that test your reactions.
. Twin Colt Peacemakers that can be aimed and fired
. Three Levels of skill.
. Gamepad or keyboard support(Gamepad is default).

Full instructions included in the download - please read first.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 31st July, 2008

fix the screenshots plz
Posted by Zezard 31st July, 2008
Rated :

You have indeed succeeded in making a mini-game that can be played during shorter brakes. A really fun one at that.

The intermission screens are a bit slow though, as Marvel said, you might want to speed up those transitions.

The easiest mode could have been made easier.

Powerups would have added a lot to this game, I was especially missing some health restore item, an extra continue item and dynamite, to be used in some way...

It would have been cool if you had made the gun duellers with different characteristic looks, and given them villain names, to give the game a little story.

It would be cool if you made a few updates on this game, but I understand if you don't feel like it.
Posted by Graeme2408 31st July, 2008

Thanks for the comments.

I've no plans to change anything, unless it's to fix a bug since I like things the way they are and the main reason for making the game was because it's a game I want to play.

I agree that the transitions could be a bit quicker, something I'll bear in mind for future games.

I considered power-ups, extra weapons, dynamite etc. and decided against them because I feel they would detract from the main ethos of the game: Use your 45's to shoot the enemies before they shoot you - I want it to be that simple.

If I increase the pace by adding more bad guys, I'd need to dumb-down their accuracy and fire rates. If I slow down their bullet speeds, add power-ups, and made it a side-scroller, I may as well remake Sunset Riders and I don't want to do that.

My main inspiration for the game is from an old 1977 game called 'Boot Hill' - which is why the pace is slower than standard shoot 'em-ups. I've tried to make a more modern version.

As for naming the guys you duel, I nearly did, then decided against it because the game doesn't have a plotline from the start.
If I ever make a sequel I'll make it so the towns scroll so you can visit every part of them, I'll add a storyline, name characters and add bounties, add horses and extra weapons as well as other things to do other than just shoot bad guys.

Thanks again for the feedback.
Posted by Zezard 2nd August, 2008
Rated :

Haha, Marvel, you have just been added to my personal list of DC-heros. The only other person on it is Roseweave. Lucky that I looked on this comment site once more.

Graeme doesn't really show any arrogance. I personally find it easy to understand that he wants to leave this project as it is, and save impovments for eventual coming games.
Posted by Graeme2408 3rd August, 2008

Thank you Zezard.
Posted by erghhhhx 3rd August, 2008
Rated :

Yea. Marvel, you lose.
Posted by erghhhhx 3rd August, 2008
Rated :

Entertaining indeed. Some (small) things bothered me, though.

*You have two guns, but only shoot from one of them.

*When you choose difficulty, you might wanna change the order of the choices.

*Some music during the actual gameplay?
Posted by Zezard 3rd August, 2008
Rated :

Oh, sorry Marvel, I didn't think of that... TDC hero? You can be my favourite Marvel Hero right after Captain and Ironman.

The player shoots with gun two by pressing space. It took me a while to find that out though. But is it just me, or is that kind of control issue classical for this kind of game? Like a submarine game I played when I was a kid, I didn't realixe that I could throw the anti-sub barrels by holding some button until I had played it for a while. Might have been that I didn't understand english back then.
Comment edited by Zezard on 8/3/2008
Posted by Graeme2408 3rd August, 2008

I configured it primarily for my gamepad - so buttons 2 & 3 fire each gun. You can configure the keyboard by pressing the TGF standard Ctrl+Y and setting the keys to exactly what you want. I press both buttons together to fire simultaneously.
I tried to give a clear description of controls in the Readme file included in the zip.

I thought about making button 4 fire both at once, but just made things unecessarily complicated - 3 fire buttons for 2 guns. My advice is define 2 keys close together.

Fair comment on the difficulty levels, I didn't think it mattered that much but maybe I'm wrong.

As for music - there is music playing during the main game. Is one of your soundcard channels muted perhaps?

Comment edited by Graeme2408 on 8/3/2008
Posted by Graeme2408 23rd October, 2008

Version 1.1 now uploaded. Speeded up transitions and resized the screen (bigger).





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