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Project W.I.T.E DEMO
Author: Linkman Submitted: 31st July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 174

Project W.I.T.E is a singleplayer, side-scrolling shooter game set in a desert setting. The player assumes the role of an American soldier who, with the help of his allies, takes on a terrorist army in a team-based battle royale.

Currently, the game features two weapons -- a machine gun and attached grenade launcher -- and one map, as well as AI controlled enemy and friendly characters. Future features include:

- More maps
- More weapons. Definite weapons being shotguns and sniper rifles
-A map editor(hopefully)
-Same computer multiplayer

Online play is currently up in the air.

The controls are as follows:

Move - Use the A and D keys in standard WASD to move left and right
Jump - W
Aim - Point with the mouse
Fire main weapon - Left click
Fire secondary weapon - right click

NOTE: The download includes two different versions of the demo; one with pixel shader 2.0 effects, and one without. The system requirements are as follows:

No pixel shaders -
1.5GHZ processor << might work on less, can't check.
256MB of RAM
64MB of VRAM

With pixel shaders -
2GHZ processor
512MB of RAM
GeForce 6800 or greater

If the PS2.0 version doesn't run well, run the other one. The only loss graphically is the full screen glow effect.

And that's about it. Hope everybody enjoys it.

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Posted by Linkman 31st July, 2008

Yeah, I have realized that dieing is to easy. I think it's mainly due to the large ammounts of bad guys at any given time. I'll try and work on that, as well as ducking, for the next build.

The reason space wasn't used for jumping was mainly because I was using that as a debug control. That will be changed. Configurable controls will probably come at some point.

The guys flickering in and out is simply because their body parts are being created at a different point than the spawn point. I'll fix that, along with the whole falling off the edge thing.

And thanks for the compliments on the graphics. At least I'm doing something right.

By the way, the reason I haven't done Worl War II would mainly be because it's been done to death. Of course, I could always switch to a more futuristic style.

Anyways, thanks for the critique. Hopefully it will allow me to make the game better.
Posted by Codemonkey 31st July, 2008
Rated :

This looks awesome!
Posted by Marko 31st July, 2008
Rated :

Very promising! I like this demo because;

1. The graphics are great - the men look like they've been drawn by the Southpark team yet the animation is sublime.

2. The special effects are great; the blood looks good, the gun flash is cool and the grenades have to be seen to be believed.

However, the demo does have it's problems;

1. The A.I. of both sides is a little primitive - the soldiers only seem to shoot and move accross the map. No-one seems to use tactics and 'try' not to get shot.

2. The player could do with some more control over the character, such as ducking/crouching.

3. There is so much going on it is very difficult to actually play this game without falling back into the routine of just standing behind the wall and holding the mouse button down. Perhaps some kind of objectives would be nice (destroy radar, rescue hostages etc) and maybe even lose the friendly soldiers?

All in all, a very special engine that just needs a better game wrapped around it. What you've created here has all the potential to be an absolutely fantastic war game!!
Posted by Codemonkey 31st July, 2008
Rated :

It's a constuct game eh?... Why you should be BANNED!

But seriously: The graphics were great. The gameplay could be better. I think there should be some more stratagy in the game. It's RUN SHOOT DIE REPEAT. You should include crouching etc, to allow for some better gameplay.
Posted by Zezard 31st July, 2008

I think this is good so far. I can't really tell if it would need better AI or controls (although crouching is of course something one would expect to be able to do) before I have seen what you want to do with this engine.

May I suggest that sprites not only explodes in a cloud of thin blood, but either falls dead to the ground when shot to death or spawn a few chunks of flesh when blown to pieces?
Posted by Zezard 31st July, 2008

Modern warfare is an interesting theme, but calling the middle eastern inspired team for Bad Guys is a little narrow-minded of you.
Posted by Linkman 31st July, 2008

Okay, thanks for all the comments, guys.

Mark Radon: AI is something that I'll be working on, and I already have plans to implement smarter AI. I also implemented crouching last night. Also, thanks for the objectives idea!

-Codemonkey-: Again, got crouching in last night, so that should allow for better cover.

Zezard: Thanks for the suggestions on the bad guys. Also, the only reason the middle eastern team was called "Bad Guys" on the flag was because I was to lazy to look up a flag from over there. I'll probably make them a unique flag today, though.
Posted by Marko 1st August, 2008
Rated :

Best of luck, Linkman I am really looking forward to seeing what you can make from this quite polished engine - it has most of the ingredients already to make a great full-game!
Posted by Mr_Tom 2nd August, 2008

Stop complaining that its a modern warfare game with arabs in it. Its not narrow minded, hes just thought 'yeah! modern warfare.. where's a war going on right now?.. ohh look, there's a few in the middle east, ill set my game there'

Plenty of real games have done that. Cod4, Insmod (actually set in THE Iraq war that is like still going on!)

I mean nobody would be complaining if he had made the Russians the badies! but then they're so used to it it doesnt really bother them anymore
Posted by Zezard 3rd August, 2008

Russians, calling them bad guys without reason? Well yes, many would actually. Cod4 portraits the fighting teams a little better than just saying that it's the US against, you know, the bad guys, genuinly evil people who lives in the desert (lol).

However, like Marvel said, this is a war that is going on. Saying that a group of people are bad is actually narrow-minded, since it isn't true. It is never as simple as that there are good guys and bad guys you know.

I have a russia friend who don't like it when rusians are portrayed as bad guys and a arab friend who feels likewise about arabs (even though the country he is from isn't directly involved in the war of this game, I guess).
Posted by Mr_Tom 3rd August, 2008

yeah but i mean if someone is from, lets say US, and they're making a modern war game where you play as a US soldier they're not going to make the opposing side (assuming its not a silly comedy game) Canada, or The Swiss.

Maybe he could add in an option to play as the anonymous arab side and then the US flag could read 'bad guys' ?

Posted by Bad Panda 11th August, 2008
Rated :

Good work this games got definate potential. But there was no way the player's skill could stop him getting killed, some sort of riot shield that could be raised whilst your not shooting might be an idea (or the abillity to take cover in the background like in blackthorne) the other thing was when your firing rounds into the enemies they showed no signs (other than spurting blood) of getting hit the 'feel' of inflicting damage wasn't there. But nevertheless cool game
Posted by Kodek 24th August, 2008
Rated :

This game is the best. Best I played which! Good work!
Posted by 緑葉 17th October, 2008

Ok just played it and here are my suggestions:

- The game itself seems too fast :/ The soldiers seem to be just attacking randomly and fastly instead you could make it so that they shoot from far away and slowly.

- The gfx look nice but the animations don't look that nice. You might want to add knees to the legs and make the body move a little up and down while walking/running to make it more realistic

- The gameplay seems to be too simple, but I think you will handle that later on.

- The A.I seems to be like a static movement and shooting. You said you'll implant Smart A.I so I'm counting on that

- I didn't really like the glowing effect that much actually, I don't know why but it doesn't suit that much.

- The "bad-guys" seem to be too much "Arabic" and that looks a bit offensive to me. Since not every Arab is a terrorist you know. You should consider changing the sides or completely change the theme of the story by changing the US and the "Bad Guys" to unique sides

But since this is like an alpha/beta stage of the game I will rate it when it's complete

Good Luck!





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