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Monsterball X-Themed
Author: TheNiccer Submitted: 31st July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 88

Edited By TheNiccer on 8/6/2008

Edited By TheNiccer on 8/2/2008

Monsterball XT is my first real game I managed to finish (so let it be the first game I publish, then). It was originally made with GameMaker, but as it had way too many bugs to call it a game. A decent one, anyway. Made sometime between years 2000-03 (back then when I used the "Atomix Entertainment" in my games), though its graphics were enchanced later. And Hempuli, my friend, has made the moving a lot easier. Or so I hope...

The main idea is this: You control a ball (oh, one of these games again... at least it has a face) who just randomly happens to be in this strange-looking reality. The game has no story at all. The objective is to get to the end of each level... alive! Oh, and the game has no enemies at all, so it's pretty easy to survive (unless falling through a gap is counted as enemy...).

The game includes:
-A black ball with a face. Yay!
-Levers and gates!
-Arrow signs, that all mysteriously point in the same direction...
-6 levels (excluded the 9 extra levels, hmm...)!
-No saving system!
-Primitive graphics!
-Midi musics from other games!
And that's not all!

...oh, wait a minute. That's all.

The controls are not too simple:

Left/Right arrow keys - Move left/right
Shift - Jump

... well, they weren't too simple to my 2-year-old sister when she played the game for the first time... and broke my keyboard.

Special Thanks To: Hempuli, for making the game use Platform Movement Object

P.S. Don't mind the strange level names. Please.

P.P.S. This is not a demo, although it says so in some part of the game. (Whoever made this game, it's his fault. Oh, It's me...)

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Posted by Hempuli 1st August, 2008

Posted by Flava 2nd August, 2008

Download doesn't work for me, even when using save target as.
Posted by TheNiccer 2nd August, 2008

Posted by Zezard 2nd August, 2008
Rated :

This is a decent simple platformer.
Then again, almost everything could easily have been made better (the graphics, the sound and music, the controls etc). The level design was really good though, no improvment needed there (even though it consisted of quite a few elements).

Some of the 1x1 holes were hard to fall through, however this was good on some of them...

There could have been something to collect on the levels, just for fun.

The acceleration made the ball feel a bit slippery sometimes, but that might add to the challenge in a good way, in this particular game.

The was this room which I got stuck in at the Mad Man level, that didn't feel quite right... Might have been ok if you had used a save system rather than a password one though.

Good luck with your future projects, I suggest that you look into making custom movments for them, check the boards and examples and stuff.
Posted by TheNiccer 2nd August, 2008

I didn't know anything about saving back when I made the game, and I wanted to post it as original as it could be... the movement was too bugged to play properly, so we decided to change it.

Anyway, thanks for your comment
Posted by AndyUK 2nd August, 2008
Rated :

Not a bad little game. I like how the spinning animation appears to wheel spin at first.

Two major annoyances, accidently walking off the left side of level 2 should't restart the level (dunno about the other levels)

its really hard to get down holes when they're almost the same size as the character.
Posted by TheNiccer 5th August, 2008

Both of them are caused by the new movement engine




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