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Quick Race
Author: Tropik Submitted: 24th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 138

3,2,1 GO! Drive as fast as you can in your sport car, avoid obstacles and complete all of your checkpoints. But remember - don't forget about the fuel, cause without it you won't drive far.
Become the best ever QuickRace driver!

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Posted by Kodek 24th August, 2008
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Posted by Slawogames 24th August, 2008

pinkno gieraska, pobirejta !
Posted by Marko 24th August, 2008
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Hmm, not very fun, though the graphics looked like with a bit more detail and variety they could be pretty. I could tell that the movements were all done using MMF/TGF's standard racing car movements, and that wasn't the best - maybe add some skidding and make the collisions more accurate and 'weighty'. The car should spin/bounce more convincingly and the obstacle was indestructable!

The grass was a little inforgiving too - it doesn't slow you that much in real life, i've driven on it before! Also, some AI cars woulda been more fun than racing the fuel tank.

I did think the car looked nice though and the grass was okay too. The best bit for me was the speed-up pads - reminded me of Wipeout, and that should be applauded!

Overall, i'm afraid this game demonstrates why i have yet to attempt a racing game with MMF, coz top-down racing games need to be really really really good to be worth playing. More time will make this game much better - maybe even try introducing more futuristic elements and settings (like the speed-up pads hint towards) to make it more unique?
Posted by mateusz9206 24th August, 2008
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finally i have account here! >:]
The drive system is bad. Car is acceleratin too slow, and the rotating speed is slow too. Graphic is very good. But the game is... week? 3/10
Posted by Tropik 24th August, 2008

This in not MMF/TGF's standard racing car movements. This is Advanced Race Car Movement
Posted by -Nap- 25th August, 2008

the game is nice, but if you would added a racing AI it was better.
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th August, 2008
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Nice game, the highscore list is broken btw
Posted by Xio 26th August, 2008
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well...i liked it

the only thing is the sound when you are in the grass





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