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Going Down -demo-
Author: Xio Submitted: 26th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 85

Edited By Xio on 8/29/2008

Edited By Xio on 8/26/2008

Its just a demo

Its big because it has mp3 files which i am switching it with midi and to tell people nothing is wrong whatever is in there is been tested and is passable you just got to think and dont be afraid to loose lives i added 1up's

Squigy(pronounced Squi-jee)

Squigy is a blob that has been lost in the sky. He has to go down and down to get back to the nice soft ground. No one said it was gonna be easy. He must face 3 BIG monsters to get back, why? you ask, because that's how games are. Face them to get Squigy back on land.

sprites are really simple but yeah

Review This Download (38.66 kkb )

Posted by erghhhhx 26th August, 2008

Believe it or not, but this actaully looks TOO simple fro me to even download.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 26th August, 2008
Rated :

I gave it a go. 38 mb?! How? What ever. I tried to play it and immediately had trouble jumping. When he hits the roof he stops going sideways, meaning that you can't jump over those spikes. I found out how to run across them, I got to the first checkpoint, then got stuck on that platform with a load of spikes below it. I read the readme and everything and can't see how it's possible. I then tried again and lost a few health falling through the spikes, but got onto the next bit... but then I died straight away as there's no where to go apart from down a small hole with a spike in the way. Is this some sort of masochistic game? Sorry, I might be missing the point but it's not good- or more importantly- fun.
Posted by Callebo 26th August, 2008

inspired by uppy duppy?
Posted by Dr. James MD 26th August, 2008

I enjoyed going down
Posted by Ski 26th August, 2008

I just cancelled the download. How the hell is this 38MB?
Posted by AndyUK 26th August, 2008

Did you even play test this?

Hitting the roof stops your jump, making it extremely hard to get past the first three spikes.
Posted by Codemonkey 26th August, 2008

Uppy duppy...

Posted by Ricky 26th August, 2008

downy towny
Posted by Xio 26th August, 2008


1-its my first game so dont expect like a 5 star game

2-the first three spikes you run across them i wanted Squigy to get stuck if you jump across

3-yeah i was inspired by uppy duppy but going down and other games

4-sprites are simple because im not an artist

5-yes i tested this game and i gave to 7 of my friends and said it was hard but then they got used to it and beat it and found it easy

6-Kayin gave me the idea of making it challenging so i made it challenging


7-in order to beat this game you have to loose lives to get farther i did add 1ups like in mario

oh and i dont know why its 38mb
Comment edited by Xio on 8/26/2008
Posted by AndyUK 27th August, 2008

I guess you told your testers about the little quirk of running over the spikes that most people aren't going to work out.
Which i guess is fine but probably not a good idea for the first puzzle you come across.
Posted by Xio 27th August, 2008

actually no i didnt tell them anything except for one who didnt have clue lol
Posted by 緑葉 27th August, 2008

I haven't downloaded the game, cause the size is too big for such a simple game. If you have lots of mp3 files included, those could be the reason for the huge size.
Posted by Xio 27th August, 2008

i think it is because of mp3's well ill try to shorten it
Posted by Silveraura 29th August, 2008

Or just get rid of them in favor of OGG's, or better yet... in a game of this standard, don't even try to use them. Go with midi instead.

No offense, but as a sign of standard, people are not going to want to download anything larger then 5MB's in a game that looks like this, especially if the comments aren't going against their initial suspicion.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 29th August, 2008

I can't beat this. It's so buggy, I can't even get past the first part.
Posted by Xio 29th August, 2008

yeah im switching every sound or music with midi its because i use mp3 and its not buggy everything in there is because i want it to some people say i cant jump over the spikes its because your not supposed to you just run across
Posted by jpSoul 31st August, 2008





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