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Ivensol Sword Actions Gameplay Test
Author: Leric Submitted: 23rd September, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Leric on 9/24/2008

Basically this is a gameplay test demo for a MMF2 game I'm making known as Ivensol. I really wouldn't call this a demo per se since it's only just the basic sword actions. Basically what I want you all to do is test it, tell me if you find any bugs and what you think of the system so far. I was gonna do this using a few selective testers but I find that the best results are achieved when you allow the entire world to test your stuff.

-What the Heck is Ivensol?-
It will be an action adventure game with a heavy focus on exploration. It could probably be called a Metroid-like game but it also has alot of elements similar to Zelda.

-So What's the Story?-
Basically you're a treasure hunter guy named Luke who goes to the island of Ivensol in search of the treasures of the kingdom that existed there 22 years ago. The source of this kingdom's demise is unknown and all others who have gone to Ivensol have never been heard from again. You'll quickly find out that the island is overrun with monsters... so yeah that might have something to do with it. As you can probably tell this game isn't gonna be that story focused (in fact my plan so far is to tell the entire story not with cutscenes but by text ques such as reading diaries and exploring the island, sorta like Metroid Prime's scan system) but there's alot more to it than that.

-And How Will this Play eh?-
You explore the island, you find new items which allow you to progress to new areas of the island. The battle system could be called similar to Terranigma but with more Zelda like elements such as using items against enemies. I plan to allow people to take on enemies in multiple ways (such as while fighting a knight like monster you could just wail on it with you sword till its shield breaks or use the bow and shoot it in the eye with an arrow to make it drop its guard or just take away its shield altogether with the whip). The game will play out in mostly a top-down perspective but there will also be side-scrolling parts (I would say it's like 60% top-down & 40% side-scrolling areas).

-So What Am I S'pose to do With This Demo?-
Basically just test the sword actions, tell me if you find any bugs and what you think of it so far. You will start in a topdown area and can go out the opening to get to a side-scrolling area. Try testing the system in both areas since I actually had to code it twice because of the change in perspective.

The controls are...
Control Keys = Move
Hold Space = Run
D = Jump
S = Use Item (Bow is currently the only one finished but you can switch to the whip with keypad 2, although it may be buggy and I don't think it works in the side-scrolling area at all)

<Sword Actions>
F = Sword Slash
Quickly tap F = Rapid Stab
Hold F and Release = Whirling blade
Press F while running = Stab Strike
Jump and Press F = Jump Slash
Run, Jump then press F = Spin Slash

NOTE: You can set any of these controls to anything you want on the keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Y
You can also play with a joypad if you have one.
<Joypad controls>
Button 1 = Sword
Button 2 = Jump
Button 3 = Item
Button 4 = Run (you can also use Button 5, which is usually an L or R-like button to run, this is what I use).

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Posted by erghhhhx 24th September, 2008

Screenies don't work for me.
Posted by Leric 24th September, 2008

Whew... that took more tries than I expected.
Anyway screens should finally be working now.
Posted by -Nick- 24th September, 2008

Secret of Mana meets Act Raiser!
Posted by Leric 24th September, 2008

Oh you mean the sprites for the side-scrolling area?
Yeah they are from Actraiser but I don't expect these to be the sprites used in any of the areas in the actual game, I just threw these areas together with simple under 1 minute rips for the demo.
Although I might use rips from Actraiser expect them to look better than these.
Posted by phanto 25th September, 2008

please don't use rips at all
Posted by erghhhhx 25th September, 2008

Phanto: Some people don't like/can't draw their own sprites, but still wants to make games...

But... These games are not very interesting, IMO.
Posted by Leric 25th September, 2008

I can understand how original sprites are better than rips (keeps the style consistent, not stolen) but you got to understand for a project like this, with just the hero alone having a ton of sprites this game would be impossible to make for me right now (or not really impossible but I'd probably just lose motivation before I finish because I currently suck at sprting) if I drew it all myself.

Now keep in mind that unlike some that use ripped graphics I am atleast trying to learn to sprite so don't expect all my games to have ripped graphics as eventually I will be able to sprite.

And anyway I promise, my rips will all be pretty tasteful as I have a process where I make the creature/item/area first in my head or even in coding and then find and rip a sprite that fits my idea the best, so don't expect to see many sprites that are just recoded versions of themselves from other games, they'll usually do something different here.

EDIT: Hey anyone wanna sprite for this game? That'd be cool, but I expect alot of work will be coming your way though.
Comment edited by Leric on 9/25/2008
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 26th September, 2008

I like the way you have mixed all the snes sprites... In general ripped graphics look nice and they are very original...
Comment edited by Turrican on 9/26/2008





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