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Mr. Map Maker (Full) (v2.4)
Author: NeoMonkey Submitted: 28th October, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By NeoMonkey on 10/28/2008

Edited By NeoMonkey on 10/28/2008

Mr.Map Maker is 2-part map creation program, which you can use in click products and many different coding languages.

|Part 1|

In Part 1 you can create a picture of the map you are making. For example 3/4 game styled towns, topdown shooter maps or even platformer maps. Also you can create tilesets from in-game screenshots.

I'm having problems with few objects, so I included source, so you can change tilesize or transparent colour and you need to use windows paint or something to create large maps from Smaller maps.

Features: (version 1.1)
-32x32 tile-editor
-Few tile editing things
-Customisable backround colour
-Unlimited map-size

Version 1.2
-Added Shadow/light system

Version 1.3
-Commented source

Patch 1.4:
-Changed/Commented quick guide.
-Typo fix
-Added button guide when putting mouse over button.
-Deleted layer codes (which didn't work).
-Few small graphics/interface added/ changed.
-Code cleaned up.
-Counter bug fixed.
-Included Grand Guide!
-Readme file renewed.
-Icon changes.
-Settings changed.

-Map movement doesn’t work.

|Part 2|

Part 2 is the app, which you use after you have done your image. It makes the different action boxes in to the game. Action boxes can be used as traps/triggers, animated tile placer, collision boxes, sound efect boxes etc.

-999 different active objects
-in-app text editor

Patch version 2.1

-Object limitation bug fixed
-Source changes

Version 2.2
-Source commented

Patch 2.3:
-Changed totally the color system
-You can now hide sub-applications
-Made markers into 2 layers and changed them into backdrops, so they won’t slow the app so much
-Counter fixed, so it won’t create new counter if there is one.

Patch 2.4:
-Changed loop loading into fastloop
-Speechbubble guide added
-icons changed
-Quick guide edited
-Typo fix

Added Grand guide!

I succest to download this if you have version 2.3, because this the new one is radically changed. And if the download link or screenshot doesn't work, please pm me.

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Posted by Willy C 28th October, 2008
Rated :

This is some quality stuff. The editor is super easy to use, great that you added explanation of each button.

You can still make the editor even more simple. Ideally the users should understand it without having to read any documents. Keep adjusting it and watch your friends play with it, make notes of what they are struggling with!

5 Stars! yay!
Posted by NeoMonkey 28th October, 2008

Thanks, yes the new version 2.5 will be mroe easier, because the 2 parts are now united. Also I'll make more menus and better guides.
Posted by 緑葉 28th October, 2008
Rated :

Yes, I really liked it. It really easy to use Image

The interface needs some better gfx (which I could gladly help if you need) but besides that, it look pretty good!
Comment edited by 緑葉 on 10/28/2008
Posted by NeoMonkey 29th October, 2008

Hmm, well I have planned new one (Check pic from project page). But you can always do your vision, so I could decide which is better.





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