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Box Maze
Author: Chris Vermilya Submitted: 5th November, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 123

Edited By Chris Vermilya on 11/7/2008

Edited By Chris Vermilya on 11/7/2008

Edited By Chris Vermilya on 11/7/2008

Navigate your way through the premade levels, make your own levels and have you friend try them. This is only a short demo. I'll be adding a lot more premade levels to the game, and I'll be adding new types of blocks such as teleporters, switches and doors. As of right now there is only 3 levels to play that I've made.

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Posted by surpreme ruler of castlevania.....JRP#3000 6th November, 2008
Rated :

This game was fun man(while it lasted), cool main menu and the level editor was enjoyable, but the main game had only 3 stages and i was left wanting to play more, so you gonna make a full game like this?
Posted by Chris Vermilya 6th November, 2008

Well, at first the 3 levels were only there to kind of get you used to the game so you could use the editor, but if you liked it I'll be sure to add more and harder levels and new blocks such as teleporters. Ill start working on it. Image
Comment edited by Chris Vermilya on 11/6/2008
Posted by -Athan- 7th November, 2008

it's nice but i found a bug. when you are going over the green box, it doesn't switch the level sometimes. example at level 3.
Posted by Chris Vermilya 7th November, 2008

Level 3 was the last level of the premade levels. But right now I'm adding more premade levels, and adding more boxes, including teleporters and possibly doors and switches.
Comment edited by Chris Vermilya on 11/7/2008
Posted by -MacAdaM- 10th November, 2008

I liked it!
Finish this!
It reminds me of ice caves in Poke'mon.
Posted by erghhhhx 14th November, 2008
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I strongly dislike that there's no restart-level function. (..Or I can't find one..)

Great concept, I like these kinda' games.

Feels a lil' unfinished, though. Work more on it!
Posted by Chris Vermilya 21st November, 2008

Hey everyone. Start giving me ideas for the full version of this game. It'l be coming out soon and I want to make it as awesome as possible. so far I've added a Restart and Main Menu button to the game, added much more premade levels, and will be adding sound, and hopefully a place on my site where you can download levels that people have made. And actually I just got an idea. Add an account maker, and for every puzzle you get a # of points for beating it by how many moves you take, according to the difficulty of the level. This would take awhile, but would be well worth it. So if you have any more ideas post em here, or on my website.





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