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Final Frontiers(Beta)
Author: sunraider3 Submitted: 12th November, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 128

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Edited By sunraider3 on 11/13/2008

Final Frontiers is a futuristic RTS. It's set in post-nuclear winter orbit after a nuclear winter. Every major military power was absolutely destroyed. Out of the anarchy a new unity evolved bridging all racial and religious divides, uniting the human race against a terrible virus which has taken control of the bodies and souls of a crew on the u.s.s. leviathan and has commenced to infect every shuttle or satellite in its reach. We must stop this menace before the entire human race is exterminated.

At the moment it is totally playable and actually quite fun. everything works and there is decent AI. I am hoping to add MP capabilities to it. In a couple weeks it should be finished till then ENJOY!

UPDATE: added a more difficult AI, created new unit; "CONQUEROR," updated this page,

11/14/08 Another UPDATE: made the AI go on the offense randomly. attempting to fix the conquerors immunity to lasers. changed the impact sprite.

12/6/08 Another UPDATE: i added a ton of awesome special effects!! and i removed the conqueror (it was failing) new unit Fighter. and fixed a bug so now it runs reeealy fast

1/4/08 sorry everyone i guess i haven't explained the controls ;( so here they are:

move your view by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen

left click on buildings to access their menus (build different stuff)

right click anywhere to tell your selected ships to move there. also right click to place a building if you built one.

S-select all ships
D-deselect all ships
W-all shipyards build wraiths
F-all shipyards build fighters
C-all shipyards build Conquerors

feel free to give me suggestions!-sunraider3.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 14th November, 2008

Its pretty fun, but quite slow. Think you could do something to improve the framerate?
Posted by sunraider3 14th November, 2008

it was slow because the resource asteroids are supposed to look different (they have crystal inside them) and they change to normal asteroids when they run out of resources. but now they just keep switching between the two. ): also i think this version still has engine contrails which slows it down to. (btw i uploaded a new version if you want to see if thats better, it also has another unit. and difficult AI)
Comment edited by sunraider3 on 11/14/2008
Posted by Mr_Tom 17th November, 2008

this could be a cool RTS if you work at it. if you're not planning on doing so i suggest including a drag box.

also, fix the slowdown should be your current primary goal! ;-}
Posted by sunraider3 18th November, 2008

this is just a very rough sketch of what its going to be. the download here is after i only worked on it for like 3 days. and yes i will add a dragbox as soon as i get MP up and running!
Posted by Mr_Tom 18th November, 2008

i look forward to seeing a more extensive (and playable) version





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