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Edited By Code6 on 12/18/2008

Dispatcher creates a fully functional Updater executable for you to include with your software. All you need is a website (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP). Deploying powerful Updaters has never been so simple!

When releasing a new version of your software, just let Dispatcher generate update data and upload it to your webserver(s).

When the Updater is run on a user's PC, your software will automatically be updated to its latest version! You can choose to run the Updater how it best suits your software's and user's needs.

Video Tutorial - Make an Updater in under 5 Minutes:

-Create Updaters and Installers for your software
-Release Updates via any standard Webserver (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP)
-Simple to set up and maintain
-Updater can be set to only show itself when there is an update available (it can also be started manually, or be configured to run before your software)
-Choose between Patch Mode (Downloads only the binary difference between files) or Sync Mode (Downloads compressed individual changed files)
-Extremely low bandwidth usage (~2 byte file downloaded to check for updates; patch data can be as small as 200 bytes)
-Small Updater file size (~80kb)
-File Recovery allows updating of files that were deleted/altered by the user, which would otherwise be unpatchable
-Automatic Rollback ensures that your software is never left in an unusable state due to interrupted updates
-Supply as many Update Mirror webservers as desired (when one goes down, the Updater will update from the next)
-Exclude list lets you exclude certain files from being updated
-Change between update modes at any time, even after initial release
-Works fully without relying on our servers

More Info and a Tutorial can be found here:

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Posted by [DELETED] 8th December, 2008

Very useful for users that are working on games that require a lot of big or small updates, especially when they are working with temperamental engines.
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th December, 2008
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This is good one to have, so I don't need to make own updater.
Posted by Code6 12th December, 2008

Thanks for the feedback. I have just released the "Stable 1.0" version of Dispatcher.

Your existing installation will, of course, be updated automatically.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st December, 2008

Nice! I was after something like this a couple of years back but I built my own in the end.
Posted by -J- 22nd December, 2008
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This is awesome

This reminds me of the version updater for that Spore game, I downloaded the newest version recently and it gave me some extra legs or something. This is the kind of thing that makes people continue playing games that they download, because they could be getting a different experience each time. 5/5!
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd December, 2008
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Posted by Joshtek 23rd December, 2008
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Code6 doing great work as usual.
Posted by MasterM 31st December, 2008

so does this replace Clickteams Patchmaker then which I once won and never used?
Posted by Code6 3rd January, 2009

This is not like Patch Maker. Patch Maker makes stand-alone patch EXE files which people have to download manually from your website.

Dispatcher creates an Updater for your software. Dispatcher's Patch files are just the patch data without the EXE overhead, since the patch engine is included in the Updater and doesn't have to be downloaded with each patch, which saves a lot of bandwidth.

So in my opinion, Dispatcher is the better solution.
Posted by Knockturnal 3rd January, 2009
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Fantastic!! Which extensions are used for this sorta thing?
Posted by Code6 22nd July, 2009

A lot; You'll have to be more specific. For which part are you wondering about?

Also note that while the GUI was made with MMF2, the actual Updater was created with NSIS to limit its file size.





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