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Song of War (abandoned)
Author: m. collar Submitted: 23rd February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 464
102nd Place     (4.25 / 5)

Despite being abandoned, I've decided to put this game here instead of leaving it to die in my HDD.

Sci-fi squad based tactical shooter. Fight against cybernetic creatures with two squad mates. Features a cover system and squad commands. This game also has 360 degree shooting for the player and a 'right-click aiming' system.

WASD - Move
Space - Hold to run
Left Mouse - Shoot
Right Mouse - Aim (drag squadmates to give orders)
ESC - Abort mission
TIP: Touch unconscious squad mates to revive them.

This demo only has one mission.

The game was abandoned when I started working on Sensou.

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Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 23rd February, 2009
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Why the hell this is being abandoned? Looks like one of the promising projects at TDC atm...

Oh yeah, forgot to give some feedback. On the visual side the game looks very neat and the sounds were also good. Enemy AI was also top notch and it gave a good challenge. Nice work.
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Posted by Del Duio 23rd February, 2009
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Hey you know "Dawn Patrol" is an awesome Megadeth song too right?
Posted by W3R3W00F 23rd February, 2009
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I just got into the game and I was immediately impressed. The graphics were just stunning- Everything just came together like a puzzle. It's abit challenging, even on easy mode. But hey, a like challenges. What's surprising to me is that this is abandoned, but it's already better than most of the games we've seen lately. Honest. I can't imagine why you would abandon this! Awesome game, awesome concept awesome period, dude.

You aced it.
Posted by Callebo 23rd February, 2009
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I think its good this has been abondoned, so Sensou can be made instead!
Btw, awesome game Love the shadows, AI, graphics, everything else. But I'm more into RTS games, so go finnish Sensou!
Posted by m. collar 24th February, 2009

Hey ppl! Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Del Duio: I didn't know that. I have to listen more Megadeth. Which is their best album?
Lately my favorites are Lamb of God and Nine Inch Nails (last year they cancelled a show in a venue 45min from my house. In Brazil! I even had the ticket. Luckly I managed to see them in Sao Paulo in 2005, the 1st and only time they came here).
Posted by \/\/olf 24th February, 2009

Nice game, its a little on the slow side though. Maybe its just my PC but well done.
Posted by Del Duio 24th February, 2009
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Rust in Peace is widley considered Megadeth's best album. It has Hangar 18, Holy Wars, Five Magics, Dawn Patrol and a bunch of other good tunes. Image

Here, check it out:

Lately I've been really into Dream Theater, which is inspiring me in all sorts of ways with making games (musically and otherwise). Train of Thought is a really heavy album. Well, for them at least, it's no Seasons in the Abyss (by Slayer). The guys can play their asses off, no doubt about it.
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Posted by dndfreak 24th February, 2009
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I'm not too sure on the other's thought tracks but I didn't think it's as amazing as everyone else does. The difficulty is not due to advanced ai, something I could live with. The difficulty involves being shot at through cover even though you can't do the same. The difficulty involves ammo that runs out faster than a streaker at an olympic track meet. The difficulty involves the lighting which, for some strange reason, dims sounds too. Sure darkness may make everything pretty, but once you empty three full rounds into an ally who happens to be wearing the same colors as your opponents, things start becoming FAAbuloussss. In the end I'll give it three cuz it does look good and it is abandonware but really? What's the hype about?
Posted by Koth 24th February, 2009
Rated :

very cool game! will you upload the source?
Posted by m. collar 24th February, 2009

Not for the moment. We never know when we will begin working again on something.
Posted by Chloe Sagal 25th February, 2009
Rated :

i mark for all the talk of lamb of god and megadeth in these comments. the game looked pretty good, i didnt get much of a chance to do anything but die, based on what dndfreak was saying (i dont like to play games on anything other than the highest difficulty, id rather jump right into it rather than fart around reading the directions to the poptart box</brian regan referance>.

off topic, rust in piece is definatly megadeths best album (tornado of souls, holy wars, lucretia, man, you cant go wrong) killing is my buisiness is my close second, ive got a thing for skull beneath the skin and i also mark for the main riff in set the world afire, even though that album was pretty bad. lamb of god on the otherhand, i like as the palaces burn, and the second would have to be new american gospel. i never really got into dream theatre or nin, allthough i watched this really badass video of dts drummer doing double bass with one foot, and i went crazy when i saw the hitcher shooting the crap out of cops in a transam (i drive a red one, v6 only tho ) to closer. ah, sorry i can go on forever with the musac.
Posted by Chloe Sagal 25th February, 2009
Rated :

i meant to rate, oops.
Posted by Koth 25th February, 2009
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ah right
Posted by ben mercer 25th February, 2009
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This game seems to be more about strategy than action, which is by all means not a bad thing. It's just the way it is executed.

The real problem is that there seems to be no decent way to fire on an enemy taking cover because it appears to block all incoming shots whilst they can fire through it. The point of this is surely so that you must flank your enemies to gain a better angle on them, but since you can't effectively use suppressing fire all i could do was try to flank whilst being shot repeatedly, or try and flush them out with a grenade. It would be better i think if you could duck and stand up behind cover to shoot as this would give a more intuitive and realistic system.

My other gripe with this is the "enhanced aiming". What is the point of it? I wen through the first level with the enhanced aiming on all the time, because in normal aiming you can barely see 50px in front of you and you are repeatedly shot by unseen enemies.

The AI taking cover is pretty nifty, not something you see in a lot of click games but the core shooting mechanics could do with a lot of work.

Despite my criticisms I'm still kinda disappointed that this was abandoned. Click doesn't have enough person perspective shooters, and I think this could have been decent with a little more work.

Still, susou is an RTS by the looks of things which is also quite a rare occurance on TDC, so good luck with it!
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Posted by Del Duio 6th March, 2009
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Yes, yes Ben but what about Megadeth?
Posted by Shiru 23rd May, 2009

File deleted... Who can upload it please ?





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