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3D Engine Test
Author: Trey Submitted: 2nd March, 2009 Favourites:2
Genre: Engine Downloads: 525

This is what I consider to be a huge breakthrough for me. I've managed to create a three dimensional side scrolling environment (although admittedly simple). I think it looks quite amazing. I've just begun work on my new game, and this was the first hurdle to get over.

This early version does have a bug. The walls with the doors are not quite synced up with the floor and will get off axis eventually. You can see it if you move left and right a few time when you're over the wall separating the 2 rooms.

Anyway, take a look!
a - left
d - right

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Posted by AndyUK 3rd March, 2009

seems to work well, i noticed that bug you mentioned happens when you move up or down (W and S when moving)
Posted by Trey 3rd March, 2009

Exactly...I've gotta figure out how to fix that. The exe is open source I think if anyone wants to take a look.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd March, 2009

Pretty cool, but rather slow. There is also the problem that the perspective object doesn't scale things vertically so the floor, especially the lino floor, kinda looks like it is curling up at the far end. This could be fixed by pre rendering the vertical scaling.
Posted by bigredron 3rd March, 2009
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Wow this is really nice, contrats. Glad to see more 3D things becoming possible in MMF2.

A quick question, how do we read the source from an exe :/
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th March, 2009
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It's really good, but it's abit slow and it should come with an mfa. Again, it's good, cool, and really handy in some areas but the perspective object is going to take up a whole lot of memory.
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th March, 2009
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Forget to rate.
Posted by bigredron 4th March, 2009
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it wasnt slow for me at all. The speed seemed like it was the normal pace for someone walking down a hallway.

You should add a counter for the FPS so people can see what speeds they get on what machine.
Posted by \/\/olf 4th March, 2009
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Very brilliant. I see lots of possibilities with this engine. Especially horror games. Release the mfa I did notice the bug but its not that big of a deal. Im certain you can fix it. Great work though Looking forward to completed version. I wonder if you can make objects 3d-like as well. Such as tables, etc.
Posted by AndyUK 4th March, 2009

If you guys could explain what you mean by slow it might help.
It's a pretty standard use of the perspective object though so you shouldn't really be giving it 5 stars.
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th March, 2009
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That's an odd bug. Why it only appears when moving up and down when the object moving has no relation to the perspective object except the side to side scrolling is beyond me.
Posted by Trey 5th March, 2009

Well the walls rescale based on the current speed of the camera object so, when you move up it still rescales at the same speed even though the x-scrolling speed slows a little. It's a bug I was too lazy to fix.

Oh, and sorry about the no .mfa thing. I forgot to add that to the file. I'll get it on there tomorrow.
Comment edited by Trey on 3/5/2009
Posted by Fadex 6th April, 2009

Amazing, but unfortunately about 20fps...
Anyway, cool.
Posted by Fordom 10th April, 2009
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What do you mean by "the exe is open source"?
Posted by Jonathan Gooler 25th May, 2009

Could you please include the mfa, i'm really interested in it.






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