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A Space Battle v2
Author: DMT Submitted: 18th June, 2009 Favourites:2
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 140

Edited By DMT on 6/18/2009

This game is a shooter set in space. You are the black/grey ship and you must destroy your enemies!!!

As indicated by the v2, this is not the first version, nor is it the last. I just really wanted to release something to this site.

The controls are Up arrow to move forward, left and right arrows to turn. Use the down arrow to activate your shield. You lose points from your shield counter for the time you are shielding. You can gain points by not shielding, or finding a yellow shield power-up.

To Shoot press Shift. To activate targeting, press Ctrl. I wouldn't though because it is still a little buggy. I have fixed it in A Space Battle v3.

Each wave is a lot like the others but with more enemies, except for wave 10, the boss wave. When you exit out, it will ask you whether you want to save your progress. Click the Load button on the menu screen to load your saved file.

When hit by a red laser, you lose health. Health can be replenished with green health power-ups.

The red bar at the top counts how much time until the mini-boss in the regular waves and the bosses health in the boss wave.

There is not a very wide variety of power-ups though, or enemies.

This game is somewhat glitchy, but most of the glitches are being fixed in A Space Battle v3 with a bit more polish. Please feel free to tell the glitches, as I may not know all of them. With that aside, I believe that this game is quite fun.

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 Battle.exe (1.92 mkb )

Posted by DMT 19th June, 2009

Can anyone see this?
Posted by OMC 19th June, 2009

Yep. Downloads are slow at first until someone comments and then another person comments on that comment, and then everyone starts arguing about bubble gum or something similarly stupid.
Posted by Marko 20th June, 2009
Rated :

Interesting concept, yet flawed.

I liked the space-ship designs, even if they were a little basic (more colour variety for the enemy would be nice) and i am a big fan of the way you wrap around the play-area when you go off screen.

However, i would have liked more control of the ship - it moved very erratically and felt more like luck when i got it to go where i wanted to and when, rather than skill. The enemies were a bit too wooden too - they all fired at the same time for example (a simple maths formula would fix that). Also, the scores didn't re-set after every game; i played directly after a previous go and deliberatly got myself killed, yet at the next screen i had beaten my high-score - just a small problem. More polish overall would do the game wonders too (i'm not a big fan of the use of clicking button in MMF games, e.g. clicking "play" at the start of the game - very noob!

Saying that though this shows promise and plays very much unlike most shooters on here, so you've got a good concept. It just requires more work and spit and polish! I'm looking forwards to playing a later build!
Posted by [DELETED] 21st June, 2009
Rated :

I have given a review which I hope will help you, Mark Radon has pointed out a few flaws which could use work.

Keep working on it, and let's see the next improved version
Posted by Marko 21st June, 2009
Rated :

I will review this when the final version comes out, and fair play to jthongbai for reviewing it himself. I also agree with the statement "Keep working on it, and let's see the next improved version "
Posted by [DELETED] 21st June, 2009
Rated :

Sounds like a good idea, Mark, I was considering doing a second review on the later version but it would be better to have some one else do it for the final version I think.
Posted by Marko 21st June, 2009
Rated :

i think it would be worth us both doing a review on the latter version, since we've both played this one and can compare them together to see what improvements have been made.

I never think you can have enough reviews on this site!
Posted by Rob Westbrook 22nd June, 2009

I had a play around with this, and I agree with the comments above, so I won't bother repeating them x)

So, bravo!





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