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Wargame Beta 0.7
Author: Mxthe Submitted: 7th July, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 108

Edited By Mxthe on 7/8/2009

Edited By Mxthe on 7/7/2009

Edited By Mxthe on 7/7/2009

Wargame is my first project, I started making it on June 07 2009.

This is the first BETA release for the game, which means it might have some glitches or crashes, you have been warned !

The game features (for now)

Profile management, which means you can create as many profiles as you want, and all the player's data will be saved in a file with the profile name, you can create, edit or delete any profile, but when you do, all the data saved within this profile gets deleted...

When you play, the profile name displays above the player, because sometimes the battlefield becomes just too much messy, and it gets difficult to see where the player is.
You can customize your profile's color, as well as specific options per profile (Full screen, reflections, difficulty, violence amount, etc...)

7 weapons :
Dual Pistol
Sniper Rifle
Machete (for melee)

As well as 3 explosives
SMG Grenades

As well as 6 Outfits :

1 = Army Of Two Mask = Regenerate health 1 point per 4 seconds when health above half, and 3 per second when health is low.
2 = Jason Mask = Kills with machete in one blow, enables cutting in half and gives health to the player on each machete kill.
3 = Bandanna = Gives Unlimited Ammo
4 = Ninja Mask = Bounces bullets when hitting them with machete, increases player speed and jump strength.
5 = Neo Sun Glasses = Slows down Enemy bullets, and make that when a player bullet hits an enemy bullet, it destroys it.
6 = Optical Camo = Enemies Cannot see the player, unless player touches them, or player fires a weapon without silencer.

To earn the Outfits you have to earn certain achievements which you get survey in the options menu, as well as a detailed score( frag per weapon, in deathmatch or campaign, etc...)

There are 3 weapons improvements to unlock thanks to achievements :

Explosive shells for Shotgun
Rocket Tracking for RPG (rocket follows the mouse pointer)
And Bullet Tracking for Sniper (the camera follows the bullet, and you can move it with the controls)

The player can put silencers to pistols, dual pistols and SMG.


The deathmatch features 3 maps :

The Hills, the Docks and the Bridge.

The round lasts 5 : 30, to make points you either capture 2 areas, or the enemy flag, If you manage to capture the 2 areas AND the enemy flag before enemies manage to recapture an area, you will win the round by default.

If the timer reaches 0 and both areas are captured by the enemy, you lose the round, if they are captured by you, you win the round, and if one if captured by you and one by the enemy, an overtime is triggered, and the next side who captures an area wins the round.

In the deathmatch maps, you can ask for Supplies, which will drop a crate with ammo and health.
You can request Air Support, which will send a plane which will drop missiles AFTER the area you clicked in, so don't keep walking after you call for a plane...
You can also request Ground Support, which will send a truck to the player's position, and when the player, or any ally dies, instead of spawning back in allies base, they will spawn in the truck, until it is destroyed.

But be careful !

Enemies can call trucks and planes ! If they do, destroy them as fast as you can, or else you will be bombed, or killed by enemy reinforcements !

To do that, nothing better than the RPG !

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Posted by Rob Westbrook 8th July, 2009
Rated :

Well that was pretty enjoyable I liked it overall, although I had a couple of issues. First off, the machine gun's recoil was way too twitchy and over the top. Toning that down would be a good improvement. Also having to unzip AND go through an installer? Seemed like a bit much.

In general though, it's rather snazzy and I hope you keep working on it! Good job.
Posted by Mxthe 8th July, 2009

Thanks !

The reason why I put an unzip and THEN an installer, is because the installer installs fonts in the windows fonts directory, as well as everything in the right folder...

Thats why I made the installer, and then when I discovered that zipping it could compress extra 10 mbs, I decided to zip it.

The installer is 56 mbs, and the zip is 46, now some people told me the file size was really big, so imagine 10 more mbs ?

Its the only way I found to make it smaller, and to make everything work

Thanks for the constructive critics, I will try and reduce the SMG's recoil, but remember that, the more your character levels up, your recoil is going to be reduced, so the recoil is big only when you start the game

Thanks for the comment !
Posted by Rob Westbrook 8th July, 2009
Rated :

Ah right I gotcha.

I guess my main problem with the recoil is the way your cursor suddenly jumps around the screen. Maybe adjust it so the cursor smoothly moves, or even have the cursor remain in one place and the recoil only affect the bullets?
Posted by Mxthe 10th July, 2009

Yeah I'm gonna search for something like that !

Posted by david-clarke 10th July, 2009

did you code it so the cursor goes up when you fire? I noticed the recoil seems to be less the further the cursor is from the player.

what you really want is for the angle between the player and the cursor to increase. If you think about it that is more realistic because, it's the arm that is moving during recoil, not where you are aiming.

A simple mathematical fix would be:

when gun shoots:

:set cursor y position to (cursor y position + mod(x position of cursor - x position of player)/10)

mod (to me) means turn what is inside to a positive number- but I don't think that is what it means on the games factory calculator.

set the 10 to whatever works best.(the higher the worse the recoil) I guess it would depend on your level.

Also there was a bug where my head fell off and I was invincible.

Very cool game in general tho,

Hope that is helpful
Posted by Mxthe 11th July, 2009

Oh thanks dude, I'm gonna look at this weird bug your telling me! Thanks !

Stay tuned for the next online release !
Posted by Zethell 11th August, 2009
Rated :

Awesome game, but even more awesome now when it's online!





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