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Bibel Quest
Author: Mattias Eriksson Submitted: 29th September, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 85

Edited By Mattias Eriksson on 10/5/2009

Somehow your bible is lost, and needs to be found!
You have 10 levels to complete and lots of bosses to fight along the way.

This game is for all that loves Super Mario like games.

Nothing fancy only basic "knp" functions is used.

Observe, all the ingame dialogue is in swedish.

* The story of how the game got made *
Me and some friends from local church decided we wanted to make a game as a fun and challenging project to work with.
We first tried to figure out a simple story for the game, we did not want it be connected to the curch or wery religius story
since we all agreed that most of those games were pretty bad, so we decided simple story is better, a regular guy with a lost bible that
had to be found! Simple enough for us. I work as a system developer during the day writing applications and large scale systems for big
companies and have also written a few games back in the day, I have worked alot with SDL and also allegro gamelib. But none of
us wanted to sit and watch me spend hours writing code for the game so we quickly went the click way, when I was a kid I used to
play around with a program called "Click and Play" very simple and fun interface for creating games! Wonder if that is still developed?
So we checked it out and found out about Multimedia Fusion, looked pretty simular but alot of new functions where there
None of us where good with the drawing, all we did turned out terrible! So we decided to use pre-made sprites for the game,
so we all started looking for sprites from all the games we liked as kids like Super Mario bros. Zelda and so on. Pretty much the same
with music and sound. But we prevously worked with a musican to make a score for a short film. So the intro theme and game-over theme
is home made, lyrics is in swedish and is about very drastic themes from the bible.
Still just making levels with this great tool it took some time! We spent about 200hrs per person making levels and probably 100 more making some
action happening in the game. But Im quite happy with the result since none of us in the group knew much about making games we still
managed to wrap up a playble title that we also sell on cd version for 20sek witch is about $3.
The target group for this game is kids around 8-12 years old so there is none of this massive blod particles that seems to be a popular
theme of todays homemade games, I think its realy effective and looks cool but I would not want my kids to play that sort of game until they
are abit older.
Even if its for kids we did not want to make a super-easy game, it had to be challenging so even some teens might enjoy to play, the big
focus was for that the design of levels, we added some tough platforming challenges in some levels and a few hard bosses.

I realy wanted some thougts from more experienced game-makers out there so I thougth this might be the place to post it.

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 (175mb )

Posted by erghhhhx 2nd October, 2009

175 mb of ripped graphics? Not downloading, sorry.
Posted by -Dark Martin- 3rd October, 2009

... thats disturbing.><
Posted by Mattias Eriksson 3rd October, 2009

This is a complete game with soundtracks, the graphics is not very big, but it is totaly ripped
Posted by erghhhhx 4th October, 2009

People make complete games with soundtracks and many of them are below 5mb.

Consider using some kind of compression for your sound.
Posted by MBK 5th October, 2009

Just what I've always wanted, a 175mb SMB fangame with ripped graphics and a bible thumping theme.
Sad thing is that it'll probably get more attention than any of my stuff.

Posted by Mattias Eriksson 5th October, 2009

The CD version has actualy sold pretty well so far. We used OGG vorbis on all the music but since there is over 30 full length songs with high quality that equals over 110mb. Im very sorry for this guys! I can send anyone intressed a cd if bandwith is a problem.
Posted by Callebo 5th October, 2009

The CD version..? Do you sell this game? Or the music?
Posted by Mattias Eriksson 5th October, 2009

Yepp, the game sells for about $3 including printed manual and cover. Mostly to friends so far, but no profit is being made of this game! The 3$ covers the printing and CD costs.
Posted by MBK 6th October, 2009

Actually I have to confess that I had a similar theme in mind at one point in time for a game, but I never made it.

Don't you think that 175mb is a bit much for a platformer though? I'd suggest a smaller version.
Maybe you could do some compression for the music like 'Glasskaten' suggested.

Posted by Mattias Eriksson 6th October, 2009

Yea, you are probably right, I will look into that, perhaps I will make like a demo version with very compressed stuff and maybe the first two levels included.
Posted by Callebo 6th October, 2009

I'm sorry but why would you charge for this if no profit is made? Seems like your friends is paying for the printing and CD cost, while they just could download it here
Posted by Mattias Eriksson 7th October, 2009

Well good question. We wanted to make the game available not only for download but also for a very cheap price cd-version. Mostly just for fun, because its a lot more fun to give your friends a boxed version instead of just a link to a download place or torrent. But its no secret if one of my friends dont want the box they can download from the homepage of the game... But to tell the truth, everyone I have talked to so far would rather have a box with game rather than a download, I think its the makes the game feel more complete or it makes it feel more like a real game perhaps, I dont know its just a thought.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 26th October, 2009

I believe it to be quite illegal to sell a game made with other peoples copyrighted material. Even if you don't make a profit, which I believe you do since printing costs would stay under 20 sek if done smart.

I won't be downloading this game either though, ripped gfx really isn't a hugh hit, especially when being done so inconsistent.

And also, is the bible theme neccesary? It can often feel quite out of place, even for a christian, to implent religion just for the sake of religion.

But it's always nice to see newcomers, and I wish you the best of luck in your future game making projects.
Posted by Mattias Eriksson 4th November, 2009

Thanks a lot Eternal Man, I dont think the Bible theme is neccesary, and its not realy a theme its more like the goal of the game. Im not shure that selling the game makes the use of ripped graphics more illegal, I think if its copyrighted material then its illegal to use at all. Anyway, I think its funny that everyone is making a fuzz of us selling the game Its still free to download if one wants to. Making a boxed version for under 20sek is possible but not for me, just the manual for the game was about 6sek per copy.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 15th January, 2010

Many copyrighted things are ok to use as long as it isn't for commercial use, selling the game would thereby be illegal and piss off the copyright holder.





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