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An Insect's Adventure
Author: Derek Grabowski Submitted: 27th December, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 83

Edited By Derek Grabowski on 12/28/2009

Hello, this is my first game, An Insect's Adventure. It's a metroid-vania sidescroller about little bug named Bugsey who has a giant hammer and got lost in an enormous cavern full of spiders.

You collect powerups that enhance your abilities, power yourself up finding hearts and spare hammers, and explore the massive catacombs to find yourself a way back home, all the time while smashing monsters with a giant hammer.

When you finally make it back home, a meteor crash lands somewhere near your house and completely destroys it, and you have to find out what's going on inside it while Bugsey's robot friend, Nobody fixes the house.

The difficulty is quite high and even if you knew where everything is, it'll still take you an hour and a half to finish the game, so it's pretty good for the more expierenced gamer. There is also many unique qualities in this game. What other game has you fighting fish monsters that flop on the ground? And actually put up a decent fight? Also, there are many secrets to this game, I'm not gonna tell you any, but some of them are extremely wierd and extremely well hidden, but not required.

Sience it's my first game, there's bound to be a glitch here or there, and the cutscenes aren't the best in the world, but however, this truly is a unique game, you won't find anything else like it.
Feedback extremely recommended.

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Posted by Derek Grabowski 28th December, 2009


This is really embarassing to me, but when I was bug testing, I turned on all the items as a last check before uploading, but when I released it here, I had forgotten to reset all the item states to 0. This is why you can double jump, hover, ect. at the very beginning. However, I have fixed it, so now you can play it as intended.
Posted by Jon C-B 28th December, 2009
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I am am blown away that this is your first game. The animation was great, the graphics were ok, but still nice, and the game play was good. There are a lot of things that surprised me, like the combos. It worked pretty well and was fun to do. I was slightly annoyed by the hammer though. I was sort of annoyed that it had to come down the whole way to damage the enemies. Maybe the animation should be faster or something. The fact that there is so many great things in this game, like the saving, platform movement, and the unlockable moves, makes me very excited to see what you'll make in the future. Good Luck!
Posted by erghhhhx 28th December, 2009
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I agree with everything Jon C-B said.

Good luck.
Posted by Del Duio 28th December, 2009

Damnit, my work blocks everything cool!!
Posted by Va1entine 29th December, 2009
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I agree for your first game this is incredible. The graphics we're my favorite. The music and game engine was also solid. You get a thumbs up from me. Amazing another new DC member with bags of talent! Good job Derek Grabowski! I'm looking forword to seeing future projects from you!!!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 29th December, 2009

I'd say this isn't actually his first game. Nobody's first game, ever, has a custom platform movement and such a complete understanding of the product you're making it with. People tend to say that so that a game receives extra bonus points for trying instead of where it would normally lose points to its shortfalls (ie. buggy coding).

Having said that, this looks to be a very decent game and despite the warning of possible bugs I think it could be pretty enjoyable. Projects like this tend to die from over-ambition, simply finishing it is a good job in itself. There's definitely enough work done here to warrant a download, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not buying the whole "it's-my-first-game" thing.

Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 12/29/2009
Posted by erghhhhx 29th December, 2009
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That depends on how you see it, Rick.
This might be the first game the he actually finished.
Posted by Derek Grabowski 29th December, 2009

Actually, on Gamebuilder you could find a different version of the game, and this is a remake of it. However, Glasskatten is right, it IS the first game I've actually completed, beginning to end, and have put every single thing I've wanted to without giving up. Thanks for the comments!




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