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Street Life The End
Author: canavaro99 Submitted: 6th January, 2010 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 100

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Edited By canavaro99 on 1/6/2010

This is the update of my first game im srry no new movement but its much more better 18 level i think it was and u can play my first game to see the big updates!

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Posted by canavaro99 6th January, 2010

Plzz Comment!
Posted by Jon Lambert 6th January, 2010

Images uploaded to MediaFire do not work here because they are not direct links, hence why the screenshot does not show and why this download cannot yet be accepted. Imageshack is one place where you could upload your picture and get a direct link.
Posted by Airflow 6th January, 2010

got up to the scrolling level. I thought game over was a bit harsh but if i had a continue i would've kept playing
Posted by canavaro99 6th January, 2010

yes i know the game is kinda hard but i dont wanna make a new verison now so i just make more and diffrent game but i dont have very good fantasy
Posted by Jon C-B 7th January, 2010

Better, definately better. I loved the music did you make it? I also highly recommend you don't use this platform movement Its really not good. But still, you're improving and I await your next game!
Posted by canavaro99 7th January, 2010

thx and no i did not make the playing music but i have made some music u can hear it if u want:
Posted by Va1entine 9th January, 2010
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I liked the music alot was very good i also liked the fact you get rewarded with items after a few levels such as the hat, the game play was very buggie but we all have start somewhere. TGF/MMF arn't easy to learn so great job you are getting better! Lets see what you can come up with next!
Posted by canavaro99 9th January, 2010

Thank All Of You, Plzz Rate also
Posted by AndyUK 10th January, 2010
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heh did you get that music from another click game perhaps? or from Davince's website?

The game itself is pretty terrible i'm afraid to say. I just could not get over the first hurdle on level 2. Even when trying to hang onto the ledge by my armpit lol.

Ok so you actually have to use the wall climb bug to get past most levels.
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Comment edited by AndyUK on 1/10/2010
Posted by AndyUK 10th January, 2010
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WTF Flava sort out the comment box mate.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 1/11/2010
Posted by canavaro99 11th January, 2010

<br />
haha, ok if u could not get over level 2 and thats just a test its easy its just take speed and jump and btw the game gets WAY better when u get the gun i think its on lvl 13 or something Image
Comment edited by canavaro99 on 1/11/2010
Comment edited by canavaro99 on 1/11/2010
Posted by canavaro99 11th January, 2010

and no i did not get the music from another game i downloaded it from some site mayby some else game also have it i dont know
Posted by Jakob37 11th January, 2010
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Ok, better than the earlier version! Somewhat annoying that you spend most of the time glued to walls. As someone mentioned, you could also use some kind of "regeneration". Either through lives or just restarting the level you die on. But I actually enjoyed the game, until I was killed by the black thing
Posted by canavaro99 11th January, 2010

Well after 13 its much better but im srry but i dunno how to do custom movement
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2010
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The reason i asked about the music is because Davince made it for my game. I was surprised to hear it in your game.
Posted by canavaro99 12th January, 2010






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