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FME + bonus FEngine
Author: alessandroLino Submitted: 2nd February, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 277

Edited By Lino on 2/2/2010

Edited By Lino on 2/2/2010

FME stands for failed map editor and FEngine is failed engine.
This was my first half decent project in MMF, which i failed miserably to complete.

Besides the bugs, it has some interesting features being the only not-completely-useless the XML map saving/loading engine (i love XML dunno why) and data loading. The FEngine is just a PMO plus a very neat archery engine by Stephen Lindberg, which i found here on TDC.

The code has no comments i think, but it is split in groups so it shouldnt be so hardcore to understand, at least a part of it.

PS: You can set the wind force in the first event by the archery engine group, its funny .
PS2: The character is not Mario, its just your imagination that makes it look like Mario.
PS3: Needs those extensions: EasyXML, String Parser 2, Shared Data, Layer Object and Background images.

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