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Globber the Blob
Author: johnpow66 Submitted: 6th February, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 78

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This is my 2nd game i have made its a collect em up, u play as a green blob who can lay blob bombs. U must journey into the evil Grudgers castle 2 collect all of the bloblets and use your bombs 2 defeat the monsters that lurk in there. u cant jump in this game but u can make globber bounce high up by setting up a bomb next 2 him which will help u reach other areas and bloblets.

4 areas in the castle with 8 levels in total.
controls are simple ctrl: lay bombs....thats it hope u all enjoy it let me kno about any bugs ty.

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Posted by The Chris Street 8th February, 2010

Looks like very similar gameplay to A Mini Falafel Adventure. Going to take a look.
Posted by Rikus 8th February, 2010

I actually liked the idea of being able to jump only when you place a bomb under yourself. There is some issue with the platforms messing up after you die a couple of times, but other then that not bad at all for a 2nd game!
Posted by Zezard 9th February, 2010
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Very enjoyable game. It had a lot of bugs though. First there is some issue with the level graphics if I die and then cause the playarea to scroll. At the fourth boss I somehow got the left side version of its first stage to die before I had killed the right side version (I put some mines next to the left border) and this caused the final stage of it to appear while the right version of the bosse's first stage was still alive. At the first level in the last fourth world I somehow lost the ability to lay mines several tries. Apart from the bugs and some issues with the character sprite getting stuck on the side of platforms, I really enjoyed the game.
Posted by Va1entine 10th February, 2010
Rated :

Good fun, i got to Level 3!
Posted by Marko 7th March, 2010

Can't download it, it says the file is unavailable





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