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Medi Climp
Author: krimelo Submitted: 7th February, 2010 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 49

Edited By krimelo on 2/7/2010

Medi Climp is about a climbing mouse, a confusing journey and an important choice. Including two endings.
Move with arrows.
Jump with Z.
R to restart.
Space in dialogues and menu.

Play it today!

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Posted by kksonwhowho 7th February, 2010

this game is not that good... sorry... work more on it...
Posted by Spitznagl 8th February, 2010

Welcome to TDC.
My thoughts:
This game is definitely unusual, so congrats for the originality, but sadly, it just ain't playable.
The colision detection is quite irritating and the rotation/distortion effects don't help either. One question: are those effects HWA features?
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th February, 2010

Yes, "work more on it"

interesting cencept though.
Posted by Callebo 8th February, 2010

Wow, acid trip.
Really cool style, and the first comment made me lol.
Posted by krimelo 8th February, 2010

Hhe, seems like i succeeded! I wanted to make a game that was irritating, confusing and at the same time a bit original. I almost knew that people would either hate it or like it before submitting it.

The retro graphics probably devides people yet more since it seems like a lot of people seems to actually donīt understand the finesse of lofi graphics, just prefering realistic, ambitious graphics.

Thanks for commenting!

Posted by Zezard 9th February, 2010
Rated :

Is there anything more to it after you get the medicine? I walked out the right border and fell outside the playarea, which felt a bit unfinished. The climbing was a bit off, I found it hard to control whether I jumped higher from a cliff or just fell down from it. The graphical effects are very interesting, I specially like the color scheme. Its not a very playable game but definetly something I want to show my friends. Bad game, good interactive art.
Posted by krimelo 9th February, 2010


Well, if you got the right medicine of the two ones, you can get home and "win the game" (or find that little red fellow from the screenshots) otherwise, if you got the wrong medicine, you have to restart you trip. I didnīt want to make invisible borders or similiar on the right side of the mountain since i hate when games are cut of like that (I prefer falling out of the screen in this case).

Hehe, yes i can admit that I spent more time choosing the color scheme than actually thinking about ideas for the game. The irritating part of the climbing is there just to make it more frustrating.

Check out my blog for further craziness:
Posted by Solgryn 9th February, 2010

How did you rotate the screen like that?? I've been trying with viewport but i cant select the option :/


This is such an awesome game Faved
Comment edited by Solgryn on 2/9/2010
Posted by Spitznagl 9th February, 2010

The following version of the Viewport object does support rotation. It's still in beta and is quite slow though.

The link is in the 7th post

Concerning how he did it, my guess is that it's an HWA effect. Dr.James' Wake project is HWA and has screen rotation too.





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