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Princess Jess and the Veggiebulls
Author: Mkingy Submitted: 26th February, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 151

Short platformer I made whilst I didn't visit the community a lot for my friend.

It's really short, 2 levels and a boss, so might hold you attention for like 3-4 minutes maybe ;D


Arrow Keys: Move
Shift: Jump
Control: Shoot

There's no bonus for collecting all the fruit other than your own joy.

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Posted by Dave C 27th February, 2010
Rated :

pretty good, the graphics are nice and clean and consistent, i think the pipes in the background could have been a little more desaturated so they don't look like obstacles. i'd also make the detector for your movement a little bit thinner so you don't have to be as precise when jumping up through those thin parts in level 2. and for some reason when collecting fruit sometimes part of the fruit looks like it was pasted into the background. the boss could have used a life meter, i wasn't sure if when i died i had to start over or not... but overall it was fun for 5 minutes thats my constructive criticism complete
Posted by Assault Andy 27th February, 2010
Rated :

Fun for a few minutes like you said it would be, but I quit at the boss after a few tries. The game is pretty unforgiving.

I agree with Dave C about the jumping, you have to be pretty precise.

When you overlap a switch the sound also plays continuously which is sort of annoying.

Graphics were really quite good. I liked the style a lot.
Posted by Rikus 27th February, 2010
Rated :

The game could be a great little platformer/puzzler, but even the first level is just so darn hard. I tried to beat the boss for 10 min or s but because the jumping is kind of glitchy if it is used to much I could not get him. Other then that the graphics and music are great, and I love the level design. However this should be made into a much larger game, for now I see it as a good demo.
Posted by Mkingy 27th February, 2010

It's kinda good that nobody completed it cause I think there's still a huge glitch at the end where two sets of music still play :<

Thanks for the comments guys Image

EDIT: Little tip is that the double jump works a little odd, the second 'in air' jump can be made even if you're falling [which makes the section at the bottom of the 1st level a little bit easier]
Comment edited by Mkingy on 2/27/2010
Posted by Simon Czentnár 27th February, 2010
Rated :

I completed it and liked it! Nice game!
And yes, it would be great if the sound of the switch would be played only once when the player overlaps it.
It wasn't as hard as I expected according to the previous comments.
Mkingy, I also noticed that two musics at the same time.
Posted by W3R3W00F 27th February, 2010
Rated :

First off, I really liked the graphic style. Although it does seem abit flat. Maybe more drastic changes in the shades of color (And possibly more shades) would make it pop out more.

The music was actually kinda catchy.

The platforming was a little tight. I think the gravity could've been reduced abit.

The first level is a little hard, as well as the second, as a result of the tight platforming and large ammounts of hazards. I didn't mind the challenge they presented too much, but other players might. I would suggest, along with reducing the gravity, adding a difficultly selection if possible.

I did find a few bugs, however. When a cannon hits Princess Jess there's no death sound. Also, sometimes when I collect items they get pasted into the background.

Overall, I think it's decent, and has potential. BUT, it's kind of simple, and doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Anyhoo, good effort.
Posted by Mkingy 27th February, 2010

As opposed to a difficulty selection I figure I'd just make it have an actual difficulty curve so you can easily get by the first few levels and gain a decent grasp of the controls, the problem with this game is its so darn short that it's nigh on impossible to implement something like that ^^,

Well simple was kinda what I was going for. I feel it's fairly solid as is, and as you suggest, definitely something I could build on.

Glad you guys managed to beat it Thanks again for the comments!
Posted by AndyUK 28th February, 2010
Rated :

A decent little game, It would have been nice if the boss didn't take quite so many hits. The baddies that do nothing but darting left and right were pretty lazy really. I'd like to shoot something that wants to kill me back.

I noticed collecting fruit above you often left a glitch behind of either part of the fruit's image or your current ammo.
Posted by Fordom 1st March, 2010

What's a veggibull?
Posted by Mkingy 1st March, 2010

It's a vegetable just spelled err, interestingly. Kinda one of those private jokes I guess





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