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Author: vetmora120 Submitted: 1st June, 2010 Favourites:2
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This is my latest project, well, the only one I have ever released into the public internet.

This is the completed engine build however it may have bugs/glitches that I have not discovered. I would appreciate any suggestions/changes/fixes/bugs/glitches that anyone has. I want this game to be well made

Drax is a forest dragon and the story will be explained in game when you eventually get to play it or if I put it up on here as a project.



Fire: Z

Jump: X

Because in the engine you start with all the abilities one would normally gain throughout the course of the game, they are as follows.

Change from fire or ice: C

Charge fire: Hold Z and press Z to fire

Breath: Hold up and Z

Glide: Hold X in the air

Dash/run: Double tap left or right (breaks bricks and ice)

Also, pres 1 or 2 for companions. 1 is Mary, she heals you if you press up and 2 is Ridus, he reflects projectiles if you hold up. Both of them will mount your back if you press down and they are near. Companions will be a big part of the game, as they will be required to complete certain areas.

All of this is explained in game on the signs (press up to read). Oh, please ignore the ripped sprites, these will definitely be changed

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Posted by Pan-tosser 1st June, 2010

did you write a storyline to go along with this
Posted by vetmora120 2nd June, 2010

I have written a story, well it's still in progress at the moment. I actually started this game on paper about 10 years ago. Managed to dig it up and now making it into a real game Image
Comment edited by vetmora120 on 6/2/2010
Posted by Assault Andy 2nd June, 2010

Pretty cool engine. Ignoring the ripped sprites as you mentioned, it's really very solid.
Posted by Pan-tosser 2nd June, 2010

10 years ago! and you managed to dig it.

Thats a long time just to keep some pictures and ideas laying around.

The engine is good. It did everything I wish it could, and some more.

To be honest it was hard to think of feed back to give you. But my biggest thing was the wall. If you didn't have the screen shot up of him running threw it. I'd probably of been stuck.

I'm not really good at games though, so it probably isn't a big deal. but once I thought about I started to realize. I thought the fast dash was just to build up speed to fly farther. Maybe if I killed a enemy with dash. It would of been clearer as what to do when I got to the wall.

Another idea I had was mabye you could put a cage on top of the rocks. Inside the put a companion. That way breaking the rocks would free the companion. I like this because you create a reward for the player for learning how and when to use the dash.

Posted by alessandroLino 3rd June, 2010

If you are trying to make this play like Demons Crest, then i must say you are succeeding.

I think the dash effect should stay sometime when you jump, so you could break rocks while jumping.

Maybe make the player feel a bit lighter, and heavier while carrying a companion? The companion thing is actually very cool!

The only thing i didnt like was the effect when you charge, the big ball was a bit ugly, maybe some small particles or some glow?

After all, the engine is pretty solid, and i'm looking foward to what youre making with it!
Posted by vetmora120 3rd June, 2010

Thanks everyone for the feedback and great comments It inspires me to progress with this and I'll take into account your suggestions.

I'll definately add the dash jumping, making the player heavier when carrying a companion and add more physicsy things to it.

Thanks again
Posted by Callebo 4th June, 2010

whoa, I found the "breath" attack without reading about it and was like awesomeee!...
Anyways, it seems nice. Like the flying, feels really natural. The AI on the companions could however be better.
Posted by vetmora120 5th June, 2010

Yeah I know, I suck at AI. The carrying companion feature was kind of a way to avoid making a good following AI... If anyone can find a good tutorial or example or something it will be greatly appreciated




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