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GunGirl 2
Author: Blue66 Submitted: 7th June, 2010 Favourites:12
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 984
8th Place     (4.88 / 5)

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After two years of development, I'm proud to present to you GunGirl 2!

GunGirl 2 is a fast paced Metroidvania action platformer with lots of weapons, upgrades, special abilities and hordes of zombies to fight. The player has to force his way through hordes of zombies, demons and other hellspawn to solve quests and hopefully save the earth from the apocalypse.

The gameplay is mainly inspired by games such as Metroid, Castlevania, Cave Story, Metal Slug, Mega Man, Contra and Silent Hill.

Main Features:

Put Some G-Power In Your Weapons
GG2 offers 6 main weapons, each has a unique feel, ammunition, an alternate fire mode, a variety of unique power-ups and you can even level them up. Every time you kill enemies, they will drop small G letters. Collect them to power up your weapons to make them more and more deadly over time. But be aware! Each time an enemy hits you, you will lose a certain amount of G-Power.

Explore New Worlds
The game starts off in a small building, from which you have to escape. The more you explore, the more will the world open up. Get more and more items and power-ups that will give you the necessary abilities to reach new places. Find abandoned subway-stations to travel to far-away new places or go through portals and travel across the hellish parallel-dimension!

Power-Up Your Character
Another feature is the Power-Up system. Whenever you obtain special Power-Orbs in the game, you can use them in your status screen to upgrade ascpects, weapons or items of your character. You decide if a weapon should have more power, bigger clip size, faster fire rate etc, or if you need more protection, or better health supplies. Spend your Power-Orbs wisely to become more versatile or focus them to become a specialized killing machine.

Advanced Blood & Gore FX
When I go see a zombie movie and there are no bucketloads of blood in it, I would say "Hey mister, cool flick, but where's the damn blood?". To avoid such emails from angry players, GunGirl 2 offers a whole ton of high-quality blood effects to please all zombie fans!

Lots of Quests
There are several main- and sub-quests in the game. You can get them from surviving npcs or even from unholy items and they have smaller or bigger impacts on the story. They are NOT grind-quests to cheat a longer playtime! That's a no-no

High Replayability Value
If the 4-8 hours of playtime (on easy mode) aren't enough for your zombiekilling-desire, the game offers a total of 3 difficulty settings (from Easy to Iron Maiden), several new unlockable playmodes and even a secret character!

Music by Josh Whelchel
This guy is pure gold. He made some of the most memorable soundtracks for indie-games such as Bonesaw or The Spirit Engine 2. If you haven't heard of him yet, definitely check out his website at

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Enjoy the game

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Posted by Flava 7th June, 2010
Rated :

I edited the post so that the logo appeared correctly - downloading the game now
Posted by Blue66 7th June, 2010

Hope you enjoy
Posted by Flava 7th June, 2010
Rated :

Really enjoying it so far, will give a rating when I'm further in
Posted by Strife 7th June, 2010

Rapidshare? Eurgh, good thing you have multiple download mirrors. Kudos for that.

I'm totally downloading this now, and I shall give it a spin and leave a nice long comment once I have some spare time.
Posted by Del Duio 7th June, 2010
Rated :


I didn't know this was out, awesome!
Posted by HitmanN 7th June, 2010
Rated :

This game is awesomeness.

'nuff said.
Posted by RailedRobin 7th June, 2010

Wow, been looking forward to this game since I heard you'd started working on it. Downloading now
Posted by Flava 7th June, 2010
Rated :

Excellent game so far, great work (posting this for the rating!)
Posted by Neuro 7th June, 2010
Rated :

This is incredible, it surpasses the hype I'd built up for myself. Hell is really intense. The shield system is great. The grave stuff just ramps up the challenge, making the difficulty perfect. I've just met Ash and I can't wait to play more!
Posted by Sumo148 8th June, 2010
Rated :

love it so far. I'm at the basement of the police station
Posted by alessandroLino 8th June, 2010
Rated :

The dude at the police station was really scary
Posted by Neuro 8th June, 2010
Rated :

Gun Girl 2 is kicking my ass and I'm loving every minute of it. Can't wait to unlock the hardest mode.
Posted by CYS 8th June, 2010
Rated :

Killing the zombies are pretty satisfying! Music's awesome too!
Posted by Gokotti 8th June, 2010
Rated :

Downloading... I'm so excited, my toes are vibrating...
Posted by Zoglu 8th June, 2010
Rated :

This game is awesome, congratulations
Posted by Gokotti 8th June, 2010
Rated :

It's good.
Posted by Lazernaut 8th June, 2010
Rated :

This game is AWESOME Image
Comment edited by -eviscerator- on 6/9/2010
Posted by Sumo148 8th June, 2010
Rated :

LOL, mario
Posted by W3R3W00F 9th June, 2010
Rated :

Loving every minute of it. just got the Red Rune and am almost halfway done with the game.

And lol, I just noticed; 6 faves and 66 dls. 666.
Posted by Lazernaut 9th June, 2010
Rated :

I forgot to rate it >_<
Posted by ILIKESCIFI Games 9th June, 2010
Rated :

Wow this is ...ok I will split it up:
its first what I always wanted to create but never had the talent and knowledge to.
its an awesome game with a lot of cool, nice, interesting, funny features (the mario hint is only one example)
it looks, sounds and feels great. I played it for an hour the first time: so it makes addicted.
Well...and a lot more!

Very good job and very upright idea to give it out free.

Posted by Ski 9th June, 2010
Rated :

Nice sounds/music, some reasonable visuals (although left very unpolished with the backgrounds, not sure why you mixed the pixel art with MS Paint style/rushed looking backdrops).

Some of the sprites could have done with better animations, too. Her hair doesn't even seem to move when she runs, and for a game of such large scale and to get so many 5 star ratings I would have expected minor details such as this to have been considered.

As for the gameplay, it's somewhat repetitive and nothing very original, collect ammo - shoot typical zombies blah blah.

Still, better than most games submitted nowadays, but looking in danger of becoming overhyped IMO.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th June, 2010

I can't say exactly why, but the name of this game led me to believe that it might be really ordinary. Maybe GunGirl just isn't imaginative enough for me, but really, it doesn't even matter because this game is pure essence of awesome.

It is clear that you put a huge amount of effort into making this game. The engine is one hundred percent solid and stable, which is really -SO- important to me. The game has a charm and a personality of its own, and having such an excellent musical score to go with it really enhances the pace and the style. Games of this genre are always in danger of being mediocre but you have found a successful formula here for an extremely enjoyable, action-packed mother of a game that just keeps on delivering.

The presentation, the RPG-ish elements, the subtle but attractive exploration factor, the sheer amount of love and care you've put into the environments to make them varied and interesting... I absolutely love this game. I have to say that the story leaves a little to desire, but I can see that this game never intended the story to be its strong point.

This game is art. It's a brilliant action platformer that manages to be stylish, entertaining, and extremely engaging, and the fact that it never once takes itself too seriously belies the sheer amount of work you have put into it. Nothing but thumbs up from me.
Posted by Leander Leitner 9th June, 2010
Rated :

Adam You're joking, right? No, you are not. This game has to get 5/5 stars for a click game. How long did you play the game? There are lots of weapons, upgrades, effects...the map design is great...who then cares if her hair is waiving or not? LOL Yes, you have to shoot zombies all over again but there are many different types of them and anyway, games like Super Mario (jump and jump on enemies), Probotector, Contra, Nemesis, Castlevania etc. are repetitive too. As it is an action platformer that already has fresh RPG elements it would be strange to implement cooking sessions, a game of basketball and a bible course just to be non-repetitive?

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to make fun of you or mess with your opinion but I was a beta-tester of this game, know lots of click games myself (and tons of non-click games, too) and a self-made game created with MMF2 must deserve 5/5 (or at least 4/5) when it is such a big project as GG2. Even the author of this game needs five hours to beat the game and all its quests and levels.

This is a click site and there are no other games that are really better made (and I know all top titles here). You don't even have to like the game or the theme but the idea, level design, quest design, music, graphics, features add up to one of the most awesome click games ever.

Posted by Del Duio 10th June, 2010
Rated :

Hey I just realized they don't have any arms or legs!
Posted by Rob Rule 10th June, 2010
Rated :

Amazing work, and well done for sticking with it and seeing your game through to completion; far too many ambitious projects never see the light of day and you should be proud that you've got it out there and into peoples' hands.
Posted by Blue66 10th June, 2010

Just wanted to say THANKS for all the nice comments so far
It's an awesome feeling to finish something of this magnitude and see that it was worth it. Thanks a lot guys and have a great day
Posted by Bo Fu 11th June, 2010
Rated :

I'm giving this five stars. The amount of hard work that went into this game deserves it.

However, the difficulty just ruins it for me. There were so many "**** this game" moments for me that I just couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to and ultimately gave up on it. Sometimes, there'd be a drop into a corridor literally FILLED with zombies. I mean FILLED. And there'd be no way to clear any of them out ahead of time, which meant that you'd HAVE to take damage. Extremely frustrating when you don't have a shield and are low on health.

Still, it's obvious that you put a lot of thought and effort into it, and it IS a great game. It's just not the game for people who get frustrated by extremely difficult games.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 11th June, 2010
Rated :

Awesome game, so far. Nice details everywhere and I'm having fun with it. Very good use of the HWA, nice and smooth effects.

Congratulations on finishing a project this long and delivering a pretty cool game.
Posted by Spiriax 12th June, 2010
Rated :

This is so nostalgic. Reminds me of the time when I actually downloaded stuff from this site.

This game... is SO GOOD. Probably the best game on TDC right now IMO. The difficulty curve and everything is great. I love the added platform elements, killing zombies, trap dodging, etc etc. Diving into zombie hordes with the shield. Haha.
I play Hard with GunDude, and I actually expected those G-powerups to be the letter D with him. I guess the game centers around the girl, the game is called GunGirl after all.

Some minor things:
* Game should maybe be paused when the text field comes up. First time I got a KeyCard the room got flooded with zombies while I was reading what it was. I died, and then when I came back I took the keycard, closed the text fast and ran for my life! lol.
* The standard windows text is probably the only thing I think doesn't look so professional. A custom font for the game would be great.

That's all I can come up with. And I said MINOR things!
Oh and Josh Whelchel has gotten so good! First game I heard his music in was The Spirit Engine, the first one. The improvement is vast.

Will continue soon! Thanks for the enjoyment Blue66!
Posted by markno2 12th June, 2010

.zip format, please. >:
Posted by Otter 13th June, 2010

Loving it so far, well rate when I get farther. Just for the record, is this based on the evil dead movies or at least a minor parady of them?
Posted by Otter 14th June, 2010

I'm stuck... I can't figure out how to get to the desert...
Posted by Nuklear41 15th June, 2010
Rated :

Damn, I played the demo a while ago, and I just decide to come back to the forums and see this!!!! Downloading right now!
Posted by Nuklear41 16th June, 2010
Rated :

Crazy good!!!! Crazy hard!!!! I love this game. Is it a different story side from the girls perspective?
Posted by Plooscva 17th June, 2010
Rated :

Absolute gold. Incredibly fun. Possibly too difficult but still great fun.
Posted by Xhunterko 24th June, 2010
Rated :

And congrats on winning bytejackers free indie rapid fire. You guys earned it!
Posted by Del Duio 26th June, 2010
Rated :

Okay, this game is awesome so PLEASE don't take this too badly but I think the subscreen looks too good. It's done so much better than the rest of the game it's a bit jarring.

Not saying the rest of the game looks bad- far from it- but you really outdid yourself with the subscreen.
Posted by TheTuna 12th July, 2010
Rated :

Quite entertaining, this is very well done. Thanks for making it FREEWARE, because it could earn you some cash!
Posted by HorrendousGames 18th August, 2010
Rated :

Great work.
Posted by Shiru 18th August, 2010

Amazing platformer . I'm glad that I was a beta tester for it .
Posted by Gokotti 18th October, 2010
Rated :

Still haven't finished it. Too hard...
Posted by Jess Bowers 11th June, 2011
Rated :

This game is just all sorts of kick-ass! I had a short hiatus from TDC last year and the one game that I most wanted to play (once completed) when I came back was this one. Absolutely doesn't dissapoint. Fantastic work, Blue66!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 15th September, 2011
Rated :

I hadn't downloaded this game before(didn't really like the gungirl character), boy did I miss something.

This game is one of my all time favourite indie games. I downloaded, and have been playing non-stop for FIVE DAYS. Last time that happened with an indie game was with Cave Story .

I love the weapon system, VERY balanced, and together with the awesome shield mechanic you can retain control of a situation even if you're swimming in an ocean of undead!

The upgrade system is ace, and all little secrets spread out in the massive world REALLY keeps you interested in exploring every square inch of it!

The music is obviously masterclass, but what else would you expect from JW? The sfx are juicy!

It has an amazing replayability value, and I'm convinced I'll return to this game many, many times.

A masterpiece Blue!






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