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Author: TheTuna Submitted: 6th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 95

Edited By Rikus on 7/7/2010

Geo-Swarm is a action/shooter with unlimited levels of game play! Your mission is to destroy the Geometry Swarm, a mass of nano-robots that are destroying all the matter on earth.

Use your ship's blaster to destroy them and collect their energy to power-up ships blasters!

Use the Time Wave Cannon to help you get out of tight situations, or fire smart bombs to destroy every enemy in range!

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Posted by Rikus 7th July, 2010
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Fixed the screenies, looks like tdc does not like png files. Also this is really a great game folks, everyone should give it a go!
Comment edited by Rikus on 7/7/2010
Posted by TheTuna 7th July, 2010

Hey Rikus, Thanks for your comments and 5 star rating! And thank you for converting the png files to jpg.

I'll be adding more weapons and power-ups over the next few days, so there is more to come!

Let me add also that the Time Wave Cannon will help you advance to higher levels... fire that baby by pressing the mouse wheel or the space-bar.

Smart bombs can be fired using either Control key on your keyboard, and will destroy everything on the screen (if you're in trouble, this really helps!)

And Rikus, I see your name in the leaderboard... come on, you can do better! (Yes, that's a challenge!) I challenge EVERYONE! See if anyone can top my score!

Comment edited by TheTuna on 7/7/2010
Comment edited by TheTuna on 7/7/2010
Posted by BattleCat 7th July, 2010
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This is a really fun game
Posted by TheTuna 7th July, 2010

Thanks! Glad you like it! Wait until you reach higher levels! You're in for some eye popping action!
Posted by vertigoelectric 8th July, 2010

I'm going to stream this game live right now at
Posted by TheTuna 12th July, 2010

There have been some upgrades made to Geo-Swarm, once again... more bad guys, more power ups! Check it out!
Posted by Raidex 14th August, 2010

Lol Geometry Wars Much?
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 19th October, 2010
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Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 20th October, 2010
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as of now, I am second place with 575,300 pts.
I am totally voting for this game. it's awesome.

Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 20th October, 2010
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Heheh. as of 10/20/2010
I am ahead of Rikus, Eviscerator, and TheTuna.
and I'm challenging Connor for 1st place.




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