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Open-sourced Mode7 Kart Engine
Author: SupaStix Submitted: 29th July, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 786

Edited By SupaStix on 7/29/2010

With some free time in my hands, I created this. It was suppose to turn out as a Mario Kart-based racing game, but then I lost interest during the start of development. I don't want to keep this rusted in my flash drive forever, so viola! You guys can use it (and maybe make some improvements to it as well).

So far, it has pretty much all the basic elements of a Mode7 racing game. The only exceptions are CPU racer, collsion detection, and maybe something that determines the place of the racer and whatnot. Anyway, while I know that the majority of you are all somewhat advanced MMF2 users and have done stuff like this already, I still hope someone uses this to their benefit and create something useful out of it.

So, please, have fun messing with code and stuff.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 29th July, 2010

That's the best Mode7 Engine I've seen!

Good work!

I think you should finish it.
Posted by SupaStix 29th July, 2010

Thank you.

That really depends if I regain interest in doing so. Right now, I have other things in mind.
Posted by LavaVista 30th July, 2010
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Amazing 3D engine. I'm amazed you made it look so easy in the events editor! But, why is it that I cannot adjust the posistion of the mini-map, or in that matter, almost anything?
Posted by SupaStix 30th July, 2010

That's because the layer that the mini-map's in is probably locked.

Just press Ctrl+K to display the layer toolbar and unlock that layer.
Posted by LavaVista 30th July, 2010
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ahaha okay thanks. but one last annoying question, how do you actually edit the Map backdrop. I kindof wanted to play around with the engine but I can't if I have the same backdrop there. any ideas?
Comment edited by LavaVista on 7/30/2010
Posted by SupaStix 30th July, 2010

If you haven't change the image located in the Mode7 extension, do that now.

Then just replace the backdrop's image with the same one you used in the Mode7 extension.

Just want to let you know that the backdrop is used only as a placeholder map to decorate it with objects that will appear on the 3D playfield.
Posted by LavaVista 30th July, 2010
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oh okay cool. i was messing with the Mode7 Extension before but i only saw the white snow object. found it now. but by the way (sorry again aha) is there ANY way i could make a shooting function? i tried recreating the tree object and formed a bullet that worked but i couldn't get it to shoot in the same direction as the player
Comment edited by LavaVista on 7/31/2010
Posted by SupaStix 31st July, 2010

Ha ha, too many questions!

Anyway, I know it's possible to do what you're asking for, but I haven't done something like that yet. I know there's an article in this website that explains in detail on how to do that with Mode7.

Try searching for it and good luck.
Posted by LavaVista 1st August, 2010
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Okay thanks, you too.
Posted by Yami 23rd August, 2010

Is there any way to raise up parts of the ground? Like for walls and inclines etc.
Posted by SupaStix 30th August, 2010

There's an example (and several others) included with the Mode7Ex extension that does what you're asking for. Check it out.
Posted by Disthron 29th September, 2010
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An exelant example, I was actually working on a mode 7 example as well but it was more a general one not specifically for racing.

Your sky scrolling is so smooth and awsome. The sky in the one I'm working on is noticeably jerky in some places. Probably because I don't know what I'm doing.

Anyway, it's good to see an example that used standard objects instead of the weird ones that feature in most examples.
Posted by Piqutchi 26th December, 2012

How does one add gravity to this engine?





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