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Game And Watch: Turtle Bridge
Author: Mecha the Slag Submitted: 1st August, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 68

Edited By Mecha the Slag on 8/1/2010

Turtle Bridge: a game first seeing the light in 1982 in form of Game & Watch.
The concept of the game was to bring material from one end of a pond to another by travelling over turtles.
The turtles would sometimes spot food in the waters that would make them swim down there - taking you with them if you'd happen to stand on one.
The Game & Watch Gallery 3 remake of the game was slightly different.
Happening in the sky instead of the water, and with birds instead of turtles, this game had a slightly more advanced mechanism.
Bringing additionally collectable coins and more challenges made the game more enjoyable, harder and more 'modern'.
This remake features a mix between the classic and the modern.
In a pound but on seagulls, this game brings a more advanced mechanism - starting out simple; turning out to be a difficult task.
If you've ever loved Game & Watch (Gallery), you're sure to love this one.

Beat the challenges to unlock even more challenging features!

Neslug - Items and Enemies
SuperMarioChris - Coins
spiderjjr45 - Ripping and editing Toad

Special thanks to
Mathias Kærlev ( - Remixing the classic G&W music just for this game. Major thanks

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Posted by danjo 2nd August, 2010
Rated :

excellent version. you should post this sort of game at retro remakes, and let them know about it.
Comment edited by danjo on 8/3/2010
Posted by HorrendousGames 4th August, 2010

I was going to try this, but you're using the live reciever extention, and my comp thinks it's a virus. Sorry, I wish I could comment more.
Posted by danjo 4th August, 2010
Rated :

i know the line receiver results as a false positive in the "shit" AV's.





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