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Author: LoosedHyperion Submitted: 21st September, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 36

This is a chat engine made in MMF2 with the Lacewing Extension. It is a mass-chat type of thing where anyone can connect and chat with each other (It can get a bit overwhelming with a lot of people hehe). It features sound effects when you connect, send a message, receive a message, someone (joins, leaves, etc), chat history, and when minimized it makes a sound and flashes if you get a new message!

It is unfinished right now and uses the Aquadasoft server. For some reason today the server is offline, thus the app not being able to connect, but hopefully it'll be up soon so you all can test it out and gimme some feedback!

P.S, I won't include any screenshots because there are just two frames of the app and nothing interesting or exciting about them.

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