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Author: Petri A Submitted: 21st October, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 82

Edited By Petri A on 11/5/2010

Edited By Petri A on 10/22/2010

Edited By Petri A on 10/22/2010

2D game where you must jump over the boxes on a ball, and does not fall off the rocks, and does not touch the boxes. In first levels if you lose the retry is pretty slow, but for example, in the third level, it goes faster than you think. Game size is 4.72 MB. The game includes eight levels, some of which are in the range of severity. In fact, I tested the game itself and I've played through all the levels and tested that they work. Remember to save your game when it is possible. This version is edited, the previous has too low FPS, here it is 60 so the jumps are easier.

EDIT: Level 1 bug fixed

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 (4,72 mkb )

Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2010
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You might want to change the screenshot to a .jpg or png and maybe a bigger description? You want to make people wanting to download this.
Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2010
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And it could use some more work. The jumping is not responsive, it also takes to long for you to retry. The game reminded me the old knp games in the past.
Posted by Petri A 22nd October, 2010

Okay. And the jumping isn't takes too long for you retry in level 3 and next.
Posted by johnpow66 23rd October, 2010
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hmm its ok game i played up to level 2, on the first stage when i hit the square my ball floated in the air forever and keeped playing the song. maybe add more lives and a few powerups would make this a nice game
Posted by Rikus 26th October, 2010
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You know what. I changed my mind.. I just reviewed the game for the next klikcast, including a video of me playing it... Get ready
Posted by Petri A 5th November, 2010

johnpow66, sometimes this bug happens. but now always.
Posted by Kyle Strait 27th November, 2010

cant even get past 1st level because of sticky keys.... I can't stand games where shift is the jump... looks fun but thats my problem
Posted by Petri A 3rd December, 2010

Shift -problem? You can delete that shift -problem. But sorry, I can't help, because I am Finn, and my Windows is Finnish... or... what ever, go to control panel and click easy to use -functions. Then "Sticky keys" settings, and deselect the "use the keyboard shortcut".

Is that good advice?
Posted by Petri A 3rd December, 2010

Or press in game CTRL+Y and set the player 1 button 1 to control. (I made this to possible)
Posted by Petri A 3rd December, 2010

Or press shift 5 times, press settings, and you have window. On window, the "Sticky keys" settings, and unselect "Use keyboard shortcut" (or something)





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