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I Wanna Be The Engine (MMF2 only)
Author: playe Submitted: 1st November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 1163

I have been working on this engine for about three months and I'm nearing completion!

This is intended to re-create the IWBTG engine using the PMO object and only using fastloops for the death splatter.

I'm almost done as I've just got a bug to iron out and need to integrate the final wall jump variation and a camera system.

Please give your honest feedback about my engine and please report any bugs you come across.

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Posted by Hempuli 2nd November, 2010

Nice engine, I guess, but there's one thing I have to ask:

Why to make an IWBTG engine? IWBTG's graphics are rather horrid and the engine isn't all that amazing - this engine seems much more solid. So why not make Your Own Nice Platforming engine, but instead make a fanwork based on a technically inferior, if otherwise nice game? It's not like any other game didn't have wall jumping or moving platforms or even double jumps.

Also, 17 mb? That's quite a lot for an engine.

Conclusion: The engine itself is nice, but otherwise it's... yes.
Posted by Dave C 2nd November, 2010

i'm with Hempuli.. use this engine / tweak it and make your own original game.. even if it's a complete knock off of your inspirations material.. you can add all kinds of new challenges/levels/moves/obstacles + better graphics.
Posted by playe 4th November, 2010

Well I made the engine for people who want to make a IWBT game or even a IWBTG inspired game.

I may use the engine myself in later projects but right now I'm focusing on at least finishing this engine.

Also Hempuli I think once I release the MFA you'll see why the file is so big.

And Dave C I do plan on making my own game just right now I'm focusing on this and IWBTH which is undergoing a huge change.





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