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A Not So Christmassy Game
Author: Jacob! Submitted: 26th December, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 85

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Edited By Jacob! on 12/26/2010

December already and these pumpkins still refuse to step down and let Christmas happen. Play as an elf-mounted cannon and blast them pumpkins into the icy waters. Except Coca~Cola's sponsorship of Santa only goes so far, so you're on a limited budget of how many cannonballs you get to use per round.

A semi-finished puzzle game (certainly playable) that was made for the TDC Christmas competition.

Coding, idea, and graphics are all done by myself.
Music is by Johan Hargne (two songs, I included the other one at the end, if you can get that far Image)
Sounds by myself and The Freesounds Project

Some tricks, you can use the backspace key to go back to the menu at any time. You will then be able to continue the level you were on by pressing play. I tried to use the esc key, but it's either my version or there's a bug in the newest build that I can't choose ESC in the Press a Key dialog.

You can also use the [`/~] key (right below escape) to unlock all the levels, in case you feel lazy or come back to the game at a later time after having closed it.

Not all the levels though, 'cause I didn't really have enough time to do them all. Well, I maybe could've, but it was my second night up all night and 6am and my creativity was running out and being replaced with the need for sleep. Didn't help that my hands were all swollen from that hand lotion I used. Typing with Oven Mitts is fun!

Anyway, have fun!

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Posted by HorrendousGames 26th December, 2010
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Neat idea, some of the levels were quite difficult (on in mind was "It's a Lie") At the level select menu, it already has the tutorial level selected, and it says it's complete automatically, and in order to do anything, you have to click on it first, kind of an obnoxious bug. Also, if you hit 'F2' you get that annoying double music thing.

But you did great for having to type with oven mitts, it really was a pretty enjoyable game. Good luck in the competition.
Posted by Jacob! 26th December, 2010

I was sorta being facetious about the oven mitts, I just meant my hands were really swollen

At the level select menu, it isn't actually selected, that's just the default text I had for the objects that I forgot to clear.

I didn't think of F2, as I had coded in the backspace button to bring you to the menu without losing all your levels

Anyway, thanks! I had fun making the game, and I wish everyone else that entered good luck too
Posted by HorrendousGames 27th December, 2010
Rated :

I figured you were exaggerating at little, I do it all the time. I once told someone that I got kicked out of USMC boot camp not because of my legs, but because the base blew up. The best part was that she believed me.

But yeah, I probably enjoyed playing the game more than you did making it, so booyah.
Posted by Jacob! 27th December, 2010

I spent far more time on this game than I'm willing to admit, so I was quite frustrated and would have given up several times if not for the competition.

I wouldn't have exaggerated like you did to the point of saying the base blew up. I'd probably have turned it into a pun, and said I was kicked out of Boot Camp for showing up in shoes, or something
Posted by Lobot 29th December, 2010

hello, the physics in this are amazing. Can't believe you made this in mmf... did you? The water moves really well. This is the best of this kind of game I've played. Cheers, Happy new year
Posted by Yai7 29th December, 2010

I saw your post on Newground!
Posted by Jacob! 1st January, 2011

@Lobot Thanks! This was entirely MMF2 Maybe sometime I'll release an opensource example of this some day, if I feel like it.

@NastyMan I certainly try to make my posts visible!
Posted by 3kliksphilip 15th February, 2011

Yeah, how did you do the water exactly? It looks like the same sort of method as the one I used for Sundown Shambles and The Bat Sweeper, where you place lots of actives next to each other, then use a sin wave multiplied by a number to make it wave about when something hits it.
Posted by Jacob! 15th February, 2011

Similar to that. I generated enough actives to span the width of the water, and looped through them with distance joints. I then applied a buoyancy controller to hold them in place and generated a polygon with the surface object to display it. I probably did a lot more than that, since it took me two weeks to get working right, but that is more or less it





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