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Awesome Bob! - Episode One: Bob Begins
Author: Zed Submitted: 4th January, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 95

Awesome Bob! - Episode One: Bob Begins is really two games in one. Split down the middle, there's 'Normal' mode, a traditional 2D sidescroller, and 'Endurance' mode, a hard, brutally unfair endurance platformer in the vein of I Wanna Be The Guy.

Control Bob in his quest to acquire the Icon of Infinite Awesomeness from the Cave of Unspeakable Horror and Spike-Related Death, in order to prove himself to Bobette, the love of his life.

Along the way, you'll enjoy (at least) three distinctly different environments, (what I consider to be) funny dialogue, and spikes. Lots and lots of spikes.

Briefly, AB! - E1:BB features:

- 2D sidescrolling platform gameplay
- Two very distinct modes of difficulty
- Twenty levels
- (What I consider to be) Funny plot and dialogue
- Password system to keep track of your progress
- Completely original OST with 10 tracks
- Lots of videogame references

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Posted by Mkingy 7th January, 2011

208 deaths in 58 minutes and 50 seconds on normal mode.

Btw deaths don't reset if you start a new game straight after finishing a previous one. Dunno if that was intenional.

Alright game. Seemed like classic KnP in a way





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