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Mmo Style Rolling Counter
Author: Matthew J Submitted: 24th January, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 122

Edited By MatoDesign on 1/28/2011

Counter with Rolling Numbers, Commas, and color coding.

100 coins
1,000 Coins
100,000 coins
1,000,000 coins

Hoping by submitting someone can find a more efficient way of doing this cause this was a pain.

Max ammount: 999,999,999

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Posted by The Chris Street 24th January, 2011

Please can you try and get some screenshots up and running before we accept
Posted by -J- 26th January, 2011

I think I had a method of doing this sort of thing in an old project somewhere, I'll see if I can find it. It didn't have the colour coding but I think the method you're using in this example would be fine.
Posted by Bricnic 28th January, 2011

I'm also on a mac, bootcamped. Here are some solutions to the "no print screen" button problem:

a) Run on-screen keyboard, it's a utility that comes with Windows (even XP has it), and press the print screen button from there.
b) Download a program like MWSnap 3 and use that instead.
Posted by -J- 28th January, 2011

I've copied some code from an old project and made it into an example, you can do this sort of counter in just two events!

It isn't colour coded but that shouldn't be too hard to implement.

EDIT: Sadly, it seems to fail at really high or really low values...
Comment edited by -J- on 1/28/2011
Posted by Matthew J 28th January, 2011

Screenshot Added, thanks Bricnic for the help!

Thanks J, the main issue im having isn't with the rolling affect itself), its with the adding Commas, Its very tedious to have so many events to add in the commas, I was hoping there would be a way to do some sort of Recursive event but i haven't been able to wrap my head around it.
Posted by Bricnic 29th January, 2011

No worries Mato. Here's a fix for you, makes it just 5 events (not counting irrelevant things like colour coding, or demonstration stuff like being able to increment by pressing a button).

Your version is on frame 1, and the essentially equivalent but tidied version is on frame 2. The only limit of the system I've given you is the counter's max value of 999,999,999- though you can remove this if you do away with the unnecessary counter in the first place (just use alterable values / global values instead, or even strings if you like).

Note that the "adding commas" part is done in 3 of those events. I've used the "Left$", "Right$" and "Len" methods, though you can also use the equivalent mathematical \, mod and log functions, if you can wrap your head around them

Oh yeah, should probably tell you: press up/down arrow to increment or decrement by 1000, hold z or x to increment or decrement by 500,000.
Comment edited by Bricnic on 1/29/2011
Posted by Sketchy 4th February, 2011

Or you could just use the "Formatted Object" extension...
Posted by Matthew J 9th February, 2011

Formatted Object seems to be a broken link on the downloads page, anyone know a mirror for it?
Posted by Sketchy 10th February, 2011

Use the Fusion Updater:





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