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Kripple *DEMO
Author: Brenden Di Submitted: 11th February, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 49

Edited By Brenden Di on 2/12/2011

Edited By Brenden Di on 2/12/2011

Edited By Brenden Di on 2/12/2011

Edited By Brenden Di on 2/11/2011


A basic evade and escape platformer, get the key and get back to the door with out taking to much damage. Your Basicaly a type of ninja that trying to escape a Tortorious dungoun, by collecting power coins for powerups and keys to escape the level, *Let Me Remind You* this is a demo! It is not complete yet.



just keep your damage meter low, or you wont make it through any of the levels, avoid spikes & saw blades!

R-restart level if you die.

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Posted by The Chris Street 11th February, 2011

Well, I've fixed the images for you; can you add more of description to the download please, before we accept?
Posted by Brenden Di 11th February, 2011

This is a demo so its complicated to describe to much of the game, i hope i wrote enough?
Posted by Rikus 12th February, 2011

pics have been removed?
Posted by AugustoAD 14th February, 2011
Rated :

Uh... Sorry, but I don't like that. Not a bit.

So buggy I can't get past the first stage... sorry pal, but you've gotta do better than that.
Posted by Sumo148 15th February, 2011
Rated :

I thought the game was good Augusto! I don't know why you think its even that buggy, I've seen much worse buggier games before. Did you read the controls? Because you use the S key to stick on the walls, then while on the wall use the Up arrow key + the direction you want to jump in to successfully wall jump. I liked the graphics and the music was nice too, maybe convert them to .ogg and have them as a part of the app next time so the music files aren't external. Also it would be good if you could have the level automatically restart when you die instead of the person pressing the R key each time. Overall i thought it was a pretty good game you have so far. Keep up the good work

Oh also it'd be great if you added variable jump in your game. Meaning, the longer you hold the jump key, the higher your player jumps. Or if you just tap the key, then the player will do a small jump.
Comment edited by Sumo148 on 2/15/2011
Posted by Brenden Di 15th February, 2011

Im sorry about the pictures everyone! i will have new ones up very soon!
Posted by Jenswa 17th February, 2011

Thumbs may be visible, but the pictures themselves aren't.




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