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Super Whakum 2
Author: Jonny Comics Submitted: 22nd February, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 235

If you have a dispute with a friend that needs solving, don't use violence! Instead, try resolving matters with this friendly 2 player dueling game inspired by SMB3! It's full of all sorts of modes, characters, arenas, items, enemies and more! Just hoping it will be enjoyed. GET TO IT!

This was the first game I began making after getting MMF2 in 2006. It'd been sitting unfinished for years on my computer, so I decided to finish it!

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Posted by Ski 22nd February, 2011

Glad to see you're still here
Posted by Ski 22nd February, 2011

Love some of the music, nice random mix of graphics as usual. Somehow you always manage to make random/ missmatched graphics work ._ .
Posted by Yai7 23rd February, 2011
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I couldn't make it this week for this seems like a master's work
Posted by MasterM 23rd February, 2011

oh wacky stuff jonny and how random

i was just thinking about you and like: hm i really wanna try jonny rpg again. it was just so epic EVERYBODY did their own sprite and you even put it in the game.

also i thought you had asked for your account to get deleted so i am surprised you are back
yadda yadda
Posted by MasterM 23rd February, 2011

im shocked to read mmf 2 already existed in 2006.

its already 5 years old?! THAT OLD ALREADY?

no way. wow
there could have been a bit more change in 5 years but hey it seems like clickteam is kicking off now (finally) with the flash exporter, newgrounds, face book and all those other exporters they are working on.
Posted by Jenswa 24th February, 2011

Nice, however I miss throwing luigi against the back of bowser's shell
Posted by Toadsanime 24th February, 2011

And just where the hell have you been, then? I hadn't heard of anything from you in absolutely ages, thought we'd lost one of our indie greats.

*downloads straight away*
Posted by Chizuko 24th February, 2011
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This game is PERFECT!





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