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This is the Only Level [Single and Online]
Author: Dean James Reynolds Submitted: 23rd February, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 117

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This is an awesome game to an extent.

You can play 50 Stages of fun in this strategy platformer, You have to get to the end of the level giving what's put on the stage, To the other tunnel.. Wether it be pressing a button or dodging enemies, You gotta do it !

You can also play the 50 stages online with you friends, With 4 different game types of fun in online (CO-OP, Versus, Verus Custom-Map, Friendly-Fire), There is also a Map editor you can use to create your own maps and play them, Versus Custom-Map is buggy and doesn't always load the map for all people so I do not recommend using this mode at the moment.

It's very fun and I had loads a fun testing this with 5 other friends. There is no limit for how many people can fit into 1 game at the moment but I recommend 6 max and then you should start. I will be creating password-able rooms and max-connections and kick option to the room masters hopefully soon.

Anyway, I won't go further with my chatting away nonsence here and will show you some videos.

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 (4.99 mkb )

Posted by Jon Lambert 23rd February, 2011

You made a fangame of this? and you didn't ever mention it in the game, the description, or the YouTube videos?
Comment edited by Jon Lambert on 2/23/2011
Posted by Jon Lambert 23rd February, 2011

I like the original game, but I don't find this version nearly as gripping. While it does a fair job of replicating that version while adding some features that should be interesting (like multiplayer and a level editor) I didn't get sucked in. It doesn't have that same feeling of speed and excitement that you get from the original when you're trying to beat the best time to get unlockables and such.

With that aside, I have some issues with this game:

- The presentation is poor, especially when compared to the original ( the transition message between levels always says the same thing, it just appears instead of fading or sliding in, the door doesn't animate, things like that )
- There is only one sound effect in-game, the jump noise ( it doesn't even play that death noise that you have on the title screen in-game )
- If you jump and your top touches a ceiling you lose all momentum and can't gain again until you touch the ground. This makes the Mime's Folly level impossible.
- Beyond the fact that this is a fangame, it straight-up lifts level ideas from the original game (Mime's Folly and the striped one) which was disheartening.
- The character on the title screen demonstrates variable height jumping but you can't actually do that in-game, which is not good. If I had variable height jumping and the character moved more like the elephant in the original game, this might be more fun.
- The music does not fit the game in my opinion.
- The time keeps ticking during the transition between levels, which it shouldn't.
- There are no prompts asking if you want to save before you quit the level editor, and clicking Play Map does not load the level you're working on, which is what I expected, so I lost the level I was creating.
Posted by Dean James Reynolds 24th February, 2011

Really? impossible, no no no my friend, I've completed my whole game offline and online even with the jump stop glitch. various times 50+ I've completed it. + the time ticks while advancing levels in the original too, so if your gonna comment all the bad things.. don't make my game out to be worser. it's not common sence to you to save the level before clicking 'Play Game' it is to me.
Posted by Dean James Reynolds 24th February, 2011

It was meant to use quite a few levels from the original, this was just extending alot more stages.

proof of completion?:

I had alot of deaths and time because I completed it many times already.

My best death and time for this was around 1700 seconds and 20 deaths.
Comment edited by Dean James Reynolds on 2/24/2011
Posted by Jon Lambert 24th February, 2011

Sorry, I was thinking about the sequel, This is the Only Level TOO, which I had just gone to play after going to see the original again to see how much of it was similar. I'll go ahead and try again to beat the Mime's Folly level.

"don't make my game out to be worser."

Worse is a subjective thing, and I would not call this game better. Have you played This is the Only Level TOO? And even if it should have been common sense to save my level first ( at least in Smash Bros. when you press play it plays the level you're working on ) it still seems kinda clumsy because I would have to save every time I wanted to test the level.
Posted by Dean James Reynolds 24th February, 2011

I suppose, and yes I've played all his games.. I noticed he added multiplayer to some but not T.I.T.O.L so I decided to make it, the main focus of this edition is multiplayer and map making.
Comment edited by Dean James Reynolds on 2/24/2011
Posted by AugustoAD 25th February, 2011
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You should try using Static Engine or Platform Movement Object, instead of the MMF2's buggy Platform Movement. You game will suck less.

I played the original, loved it.





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