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Chaos Pilot
Author: Two Brothers Submitted: 3rd March, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 80

Edited By Two Brothers on 3/9/2011

Edited By Two Brothers on 3/9/2011


-Added difficulty choice at the level select screen. Press M to toggle between easy and normal mode.
-Fixed 'Spikey Mikey' bug where the player could travel trough the boss without loosing much life.
-When 'Spikey Mikey' hits the player he will reverse his movment.
-Change controls by editing the save.dat file.
-Press F12 in the main menu screen to reset stage progress and Achievements unlocked.

Chaos Pilot is a simple Shoot'em Up. Your main goal in this game is to beat the four levels while avoiding getting blasted to pieces by the Doom-Army. The story?
Well, lets just say that the Doom-Army is a bounch of bad guys and you are the good guy....

Upon starting the game you must press Y or N on your keyboard to choose fullscreen
or windowed mode. You can also press left or right to view a simple gameplay explanation.

The game has four (long) hard levels each with its own super evil boss at the end. Can you beat
them all? Can you unlock all the achievements? GOOD LUCK!

If the game feels to hard try unlocking some achievements to gain bonus upgrades!

-4 Levels
-4 Bosses
-Many different enemies
-Neat upgrade system which improves your ship
-Achievements system which grants you permanent bonuses to your ship.
-36! Different Achievements to unlock!
-Original soundtrack!
-HQ Sound Effects
-Great looking explosions!

As i have had no testers test the game before release please NOTIFY me if you find bugs. Only BUGS!
Comment here on TDC or send me a email at

Im bored for the time beeing so i would like to update the game fixing bugs and adding more levels. Ufcourse bugs must be fixed so please let me know if you find someone.

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 (29mb )

Posted by UrbanMonk 4th March, 2011

Not bad, not bad at all.

I wish the powerups would fly towards the ship's really hard to upgrade the ship.
Posted by Two Brothers 4th March, 2011

Really? I find the system pretty simple hehe
Posted by johnpow66 5th March, 2011
Rated :

duuude congrats on your first game upload woo hoo!!! party time yea man. welll i havent played it just yet kinda late here so ill play later on 2 mow and looks pretty cool...but 5 stars for first game man. WORD!
Posted by Duncan 6th March, 2011

A classic gameplay style pulled off well! Kept dying because I left the screen on the left, though
Posted by s-m-r 11th March, 2011

Having fun digging into this one! I noticed a few things you may need to check out:

--If you play several games in a row, some of the power-up buttons stop working. For example, say it's my third game in a row during a single play session. I like upgrading my speed after my firepower is amped up at least a little bit. However, after upgrading my main gun a couple times and then collecting enough XP to earn a level in Speed, pressing the space bar does nothing. Meanwhile, my ship is still moving at its slow starting speed.

The same thing occurs with the Main Gun and Rear Gun. Restarting the app seems to solve this. And it's not such a big deal, as your game saves your progress from one play session to the next.

However, there seems to be some memory issue going on. Could there be a "maximum" upgrade level that's not cleared out when the game is restarted?

Other than that, I've had a lot of fun with the game! I'll download the newest version and play around with that a bit.




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