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Disasteroids public beta
Author: X-Member1149 Submitted: 27th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 89

Asteroids as you've never played it before, with fast, frantic action, two kick ass weapons and true inertial physics, all in gorgeous 640x480.

This is a public beta release of my Asteroids clone. Any feedback I receive will be used to perform minor tweaks before it gets published in the august issue of classic gaming magazine.

Controls: left and right arrow keys rotate your ship left and right.

The up key will use your ship's thrusters.

Shift will fire your selected weapon.

Control will activate your ship's shield.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Posted by 27th June, 2002

New and improved! Now with screenshots!
Posted by Jesse Johnston 27th June, 2002

I like it.
Posted by AfterStar 27th June, 2002

"...before it gets published in the august issue of classic gaming magazine." Is there a magazine about Klik GAMES? What's their webpage address? Nice game!
Posted by 27th June, 2002

Classic gaming magazine is just that: It's about retro games, classic game trade events, and stuff like that. They don't publish more than a few thousand, but on the plus side it gets distributed to every capitol records store in the world. The acceleration could be one of the options, like the rotation speed, but you really need to be able to get out of the way in a hurry on the later levels. As for the backgrounds, they look rough because the game is in 256 colors instead of the original 16k they were drawn in. I'm working on getting them cleaned up. The asteroids were originally animated, but the animations ate too many resources. 3 different asteroids for each size(3 sizes), 32 directions, 20 frames of animation = (3x3x32x20) 5760 whopping frames of animation and a dramatic increase in the size and memory requirements, so we cut it out of the beta and probably the final version. Thanks for the constructive criticism tho. I appreciate it.
Posted by danjo 28th June, 2002

i was about to say the same thing about the background scenes too. even in 256 colours, you can get some nice scenes. try loosing some focus to them, and darken them off into the background so they're not so "in your face"
Posted by 29th June, 2002

Okay, I've got a semi-final version on the way that addresses most of the visual problems. I also tore out some extraneous crap(namely transitions) and managed to liposuction the game down to a far more reasonable 2.67 meg. I actually got bored and did a classic version with knock-off vector graphics. It weighs in at all of 1.06 meg. I may make it a vitalized download.
Posted by kevin karstens 20th January, 2005

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