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Hazard Alpha (Sorta)
Author: Knockturnal Submitted: 5th June, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 74

Edited By Coca-Cola Man on 6/6/2011

After all this time working on this project, I've decided to upload the game how it is in it's current state.
It doesn't contain the new engine (due to it being too unfinished).

Warning: This is not the full game, it does not work online, it is only the game's engine with some menus and an editor.

The .rar contains:
1. A mockup of new and old features (This is closest to what the game should've been like)
2. The editor, mostly working
3. The oldest engine, fully working

Old engine only:
(Better presented)

W, S, A, D - Move
Spacebar - Jump
R - Reload
G - Toss weapon
1, 2 - Change weapons
X - Toggle lasersight


Handgun - This is your sidearm.
Pump-action Shotgun - Fires a 9 pellet spread.
Automatic Shotgun - Fires a 6 pellet spread.
Sub Machine Gun - Very high fire rate, great at CQC.
Assault Rifle - Works well at all distances. Pretty accurate.
Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle - Powerful and accurate
Burst Fire Rifle - Fires an accurate 3 round burst
Sniper Rifle - Allows you to see further, very accurate

Project page:

Note that ladders and laser sight do not work in the "mockup", but they both work in the old engine.

Would love some C&C, although you'll just mention the obvious graphical bugs etc.

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Posted by Fordom 6th June, 2011
Rated :

Looks cool. A shame I can't jump just.
My keyboard has no spacebar.
Posted by Knockturnal 7th June, 2011

Thanks for feedback!
Out of curiosity, how could you possibly write that without a space bar?
Posted by Fordom 7th June, 2011
Rated :

On screen keyboard!





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