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ARENA - 3D Shader Demo
Author: atlantis Submitted: 9th July, 2011 Favourites:2
Genre: Demo Downloads: 274

Edited By atlantis on 7/9/2011

This is a little fun demo of what i've been trying to do with the 3D Shader and HWA.
It simulates a 3D topdown view in a little funny arena game.

The whole thing wouldn't be possible without the Pseudo-3D Building Example of sketchy and the 3D Pixel shader created by Werbad, so a big thanks you to them.

The game itself:
A little arena-shooter with no end yet. Try to survive in an arena with three other opponents.
You have six different weapons and will find some health and ammo goodies around... and well, your opponents too... ;P

Steering with WASD
Aiming with the mouse
ESC quits all

Have fun!

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 (10.79 mkb )

Posted by Sketchy 9th July, 2011

Cool game
Very frantic, fast-paced gameplay, and really impressive weapon effects.
Too bad I suck at it - really not ambidextrous, so can't play any games with WASD+Mouse controls.
Posted by Jenswa 9th July, 2011

This looks quite fun indeed, the pixelshader gives it a colourful appearance and I like the ESC button for quitting
Posted by Bricnic 9th July, 2011
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Haha this is awesome! Kinda awkward that your gun sometimes shoots straight down when you didn't want it to. But I "get" that it is meant to be just a proof-of-concept; concept proven! Add a scoreboard and I'd keep playing it for ages hah
Posted by Assault Andy 10th July, 2011
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Great game! Fun and fast paced. I love the top down shader, it's nice to have walls with a bit of depth like that.
Posted by Willy C 10th July, 2011
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Nice effects. How did you do the green lightning thingy?
Posted by atlantis 10th July, 2011

thanks for the comments... yeah it's kinda addictive, i think the "testing-phase" took the most of the time...

well the lightning is just a horizontal animated sprite, rotated and scaled.

in fact you shoot a couple of fast bullets. the point of impact at a wall gives you the distance to scale the lightning sprite...
Comment edited by atlantis on 7/10/2011
Posted by Willy C 10th July, 2011
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It's awesome, I'll steal that technology now!

The glow, is it alpha channel or some kind of shader?
Posted by atlantis 10th July, 2011

Well go ahead, but i am expecting a real thunderstorm from you... ok?!

actually there is no real glow... it is the normal alpha channel and "add"...
in some cases i played a little bit with the rgb-channel too...
over it i putted a white layer with "substract" and some black sprites for the flashlight-effect and of course the explosions... that doubles the whole impression...

awaiting your thunderstorm...
Posted by Willy C 10th July, 2011
Rated :

Many thanks!

I haven't decided yet to go with HWA or not. A giant black overlay would cost too much with no HWA, me thinks. But it looks so pretty
Posted by Aruthaz 12th July, 2011

Awesome game! The controls take a bit of getting used to, and the camera sometimes lags behind me, but the graphics are quite amazing and the game is great once you get used to it
Posted by siven 21st July, 2011
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This game is beast. Im lovin the controls, its basically the same controls that i use for my game celestia, only mines sidescroller, yours is top down. i must say, i owned at this game. i had 14 kills, the most kills an enemy had was 5. again, wonderful game! love the controls, love the graphics, love pretty much everything about it Image
Comment edited by siven on 7/21/2011
Posted by Vertigo 24th July, 2011

I wasn't really paying attention to my character, and then suddenly he was outside of the play area. Got back by shooting my rocketlauncher while standing against the wall, hitting myself





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