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Legend of Zelda Side Scrolling
Author: Darren O Submitted: 9th July, 2011 Favourites:0
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Edited By Darren O on 8/23/2011

Edited By Darren O on 8/2/2011

A FAN GAME I'm working on. New legend of Zelda Side Scrolling. This download will take you to the mediafire folder where you can download any build number you desire. The latest build will have the highest number. Thank-you.

How to play
(Directions: Left Right) Move; Push a block object.
(Direction: Down) Shield; climb down ladder
(Direction: Up) Climb up ladder; Jump onto an pushable object.
(B) Sword
Hold (B): To charge your Sword. You can use this to stab enemies.
Hold (B) until you see electricity and Release: Sword Spin.
(Enter) == Action Button: This button's use will change; look at the green indicator to know which action to perform.
(Shift) Camera Button. Use it to center The camera in front of link OR on an enemy or object: 2D Z-Targeting!
([Shift + opposite direction of Link] OR [Right Click] some where) Use this if your are in Target Mode and you want to undo it.
(Double clicking or (A) Button) Bow and Arrow mode.
(Click and Drag mouce) If you are in B&A Mode, this will allow you to shoot an arrow Based on Drag. - Beta
(Left Click on Enemy) another way To enter target mode with an enemy.
(D button) Special Attack: Amaterasu! - use mouse pointer to control the attack. The black flames destroy almost anything. You could danger yourself if you use it wrong. Press D again to stop this attack. Sometimes Amaterasu sticks around longer than you want; So use a Sword Spin to extinguish the flames out quicker.

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Posted by eliris 17th September, 2011
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I was a bit lost but it'cool, remake of zelda 2 much?





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