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Jimmy: Dungeon Escape (Demo)
Author: Aruthaz Submitted: 24th July, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 69

Edited By Aruthaz on 7/24/2011

Help Jimmy through the strange dungeon in these 10 levels. These aren't the first 10 levels, just 10 random ones. Please give criticism and inform me of any bugs. Thank you

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This game is going to be ported to the iPhone when I get the exporter. All graphics are made by me, so ask before using or at least GIVE CREDIT... The music is by Andrew Riley.

In case the password system is too hard to figure out, a level's password is in the top left corner of the screen. The password is FOUR characters long, case sensitive, and contains only letters and numbers. To jump to a level, simply type the level's password into the edit box in the main menu and press ctrl.

Move: LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys
Start Game: CTRL
Restart Game: F2
Exit Game: ESC

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Posted by Jon C-B 24th July, 2011
Rated :

This was good, though i think the difficulty curve seemed a little too steep. Heres some other stuff i thought:
*I think itd be better if you make the counter for how many coins look nicer. maybe have a little picture of a coin next to the counter or something.
*In the second level the coin counter said 4 and then went to 0 when i got the only coin, i dont know if thats on purpose though.
*The music, graphics, and controls were all very nice.
*I would recommend learning how to actually save your progress in some way for the iphone version of this game, i dont think people will want to write down a bunch of passwords, though i may be wrong.
Posted by Aruthaz 25th July, 2011

Thanks for the feedback

I know how to make a save and load system, but I preferred the password system because of it's simplicity, and the fact that I couldn't think of a good way to implement an overworld or a stage select screen. It simply seemed out of place in the game. I could make it so that the game automatically starts at the last stage you played on when you start with no password instead of going to the tutorial every time.

The thing with the second level seems like a glitch to me :/ I'll get on fixing that when I can.

As for the difficulty curve, these levels aren't the first 10 (as I stated somewhere above), simply 10 random ones. In the actual game, the curve is much more reasonable.

About the counter, that's a great idea, and I'll see about changing that, trying out a few things and seeing what looks best.
Posted by Rikus 25th July, 2011
Rated :

Very good indeed! Reviewed it for the next klikcast!
Posted by Aruthaz 25th July, 2011

Thanks Rikus! I really appreciate the praise and the fact that at least someone thought the game was worth reviewing
Posted by eliris 28th July, 2011

Before downloading, I can say that it looks good, going to wait for download to finish
Posted by Aruthaz 28th July, 2011






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