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Super Mario Bros NES
Author: ljkl Submitted: 25th July, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Demo Downloads: 124

Edited By ljkl on 8/2/2011

A remake of the original NES mario using nsmb powerups and sprites with memorable levels from 1 2 and 3

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Posted by AugustoAD 26th July, 2011

You should watch over it. Control Block's size, enemy speed and size, improve animations, include sounds, hide triggers, and correct all bugs.

All i can say for now is " this sucks, go fix this piece of $#17 ".
Posted by Jenswa 27th July, 2011


I thought I downloaded a beta or an alpha version of this game, but it was the actual game time for some feedback.

Basically all of the above and try to fix the animations for the character, because they are rather fuzzy when changing by using a power-up.
Posted by ljkl 29th July, 2011

is a beta
I am using scale for the powerup ill fix dat.
And well excuse me duarte. Its a beta
Posted by AugustoAD 31st July, 2011

Oh, sorry, but that was not written any where, and in the file I downloaded it was written "DEMO", so I guessed out that this was the actual game. Also, I'm trying to help, so you can know what to do from now on, dude.
Posted by ljkl 2nd August, 2011

ok hey my games up there!!





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