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Gem Hunter Beta (9/15/11 Update)
Author: Mike P Submitted: 13th September, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 54

Edited By Mike P on 9/16/2011

Edited By Mike P on 9/16/2011

Edited By Mike P on 9/13/2011

Edited By Mike P on 9/13/2011

Gem Hunter is a ball & platform game in which you must keep the ball on the platform floating in the sky. Find and collect the gems, but remember...your ball must match the color of the gem to collect it!

Make your way through multiple stories of platforms with elevators, trap doors, moving bridges, etc.

Collect all of the gems to advance to the next level, but might not be able to go back to a previous color if you missed one.

Full 3D environment.

This current release has 5 levels to play through, fully working movement engine, fully working save/load game, etc. More will be added in time.

So far the slowest computer I've run it on is:
Athlon 64 3400+
GeForce FX5200

If you have better than that, it'll run fine. If you have worse, I'd appreciate to know how it runs

(Still in development, more to come...)

Changed camera movement code and some other misc things. Added a 6th level.

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Posted by s-m-r 14th September, 2011

I had fun with it for sure; it reminds me of Marble Madness. I liked the different hazards, and the fact you had to travel over the map a second time (or more) to collect the different-coloured gems. I'm sure it saved you level-design time.

A few observations:
- I ran the game with the following system, and had no serious problems:
- WindowsXP Pro
- 2.8Ghz Pentium Dual-CPU processor
- Intel Integrated graphics chipset
- DX 9.0c

The only main issue I noticed was that the particle effects following the ball trailed behind quite a ways, and that even with the graphics set to "Fantastic" none of the three graphic effects were implemented; I couldn't test slowdown due to those effects for you (maybe you disable them automatically for integrated chipsets?).

I recommend the flipping platforms "reset" themselves after a time; I made it up to level three, but after you have to roll over the platforms several times, they're all out of whack and it wasn't possible for me to roll over them again. Having to start all over from the beginning of the level was a drag, knowing that I was going to have to brave those platforms again after re-doing all my previous work.

I also think you should allow the player to change the position of the camera, so they don't have to make a "leap of faith" while pressing the down arrow key. If it's too much a hassle to allow real-time shifting, maybe show the entire layout via a bird's eye view before the player begins to move?

Best of success on finishing this title, Mike P.
Posted by Mike P 15th September, 2011

Thanks for the comment! I'm still working on it, so theres much that can change. I appreciate the suggestion though! I might make the camera flip to the other side when pressing "down". The particle trail is probably going to go away, it had it programmed to not use it on "Good" and lower modes, but then I rewrote something and forgot to do it again... Also, I'll look into resetting the flipping platforms.
Posted by Mike P 15th September, 2011

Also, I tested it on an integrated chipset and noticed the shaders werent really working either. I'll have to look into Unity's engine settings and see what the deal is with that.





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